I’m watching American Idol while I type this… so far I think Blake is doing better then Jordan…. I like Ryan’s comment that “The Bitch is OK!” when referring to Paula’s dog that she tripped over and injured her nose. I think Paula is kinda taking over the role left vacant by Anna-Nicole…. I’m still hoping that Blake wins tomorrow…. Jordan seem much more amateurish then Blake when she performs. Blake is much more interesting of an artist to me….

The Christian Fundamentalists will have a tough time voting for their favorite Idol – do they vote for the girl with interracial parents or the boy who seems way too comfortable wearing a pink shirt…. decisions, decisions…..

Tomorrow will be the first Wednesday at work where I need to stay late and wait for programs to be moved into Production. I’m not supposed to talk to systems or to testing unless they talk to me first….. So I basically sit in my cube and wait for something to happen. It should be real and it should be fun, but not real fun….

I meet John for lunch today so I did not walk around the mall, but I still managed to get 8,696 steps in today.

This evening I helped John haul the combo washer/dryer out of the motor home and into the back of his truck. It was heavy, but it was not too difficult getting it out of the door. I hope the repair shop does not take forever to fix it – I miss not being able to toss a winkled shirt and wet towel in the morning….

I’m looking forward to watching the result show tomorrow, but not all of the campy programming that will go along with it…. I’m sure it will take at least two hours for Idol to announce who the winner is…..

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