My how time flies…….. I better get the blog updated….

Mitch and Dave made it to the RV park on Thursday afternoon. John was around to help them get parked and settled in.

On Thursday evening we had the “St. Louis Chapter of Friends of Scott Hicks” meeting at the Atomic cowboy. We meet Steve B. and his friend Roger from Canada. They both know Scott from his diving trip a few months back. Then we were there along with Mitch and Dave – all know Scott from various camping trips and etc. Steve snapped lots of pictures from the meeting – I will post a few as soon as he emails them to me…. We had fun talking with Steve about his diving trips, Roger about living in Canada and Mitch and Dave about RVing. It was a fun evening.

Friday I had to work until 4:30pm…. which was not much fun – the office was a bit empty, not much going on and the weather outside was really nice and sunny. John spent the day hanging out with Mitch and Dave – they did breakfast at Chris’s and then came up with a project for John to work on. Dave’s Winnebago View did not have a satellite dish installed on it. John called a few dealers in town and they found a local RV dealership with a Winegard Crank-Up digital satellite dish in stock at a reasonable price. Dave had a receiver along – so they just needed the dish. They purchased the dish and then John and Dave spent the afternoon getting it installed on the roof. By the time I made it home from work – they had it installed and working. Dave says that most dealerships charge around $275 to $575 for installation – so they saved a bit by doing the job themselves. Lord knows John had enough tools to get the job done – he has even started to admit that he has too many tools and spare parts…..

On Friday evening we too Mich and Dave out to eat at CJ Muggs in Webster Groves with Perry. CJ’s was not overly busy and Perry had a table waiting for our arrival… We had a handsome young waiter who was nice to look at…. I had a vegetable Pad Thai with shrimp that was very tasty… it had some hot spices in it to give it some zing and it went well with the Schlafly Pale Ale. It was another nice evening dining out with friends….

This morning we meet Perry and Rich S. at Chris’s for breakfast. Poor John had to stay back at the RV park because the RV park’s gas water heater went out and the shower house had no hot water. This did not go over well with many of the rv park patrons – mainly the ones without self contained rv’s… After some investigation and the local gas company stopping by – it was determined to be a defective thermo-coupler. John is not thrilled about the decision to spend money fixing a 20+ year old water heater, but the last I hear the owner of the RV park was at Home Depot looking for the part. Anyway – we did not see much of John today….

In John’s absence we went to the Soulard Market and purchased some fruit and vegetables for supper. Yes – we are actually going to cook and have a meal at home this weekend! I picked up some fresh asparagus, mushrooms, bananas, fresh flowers (for Prince). Mitch purchased some fruit for a salad…. The market was very busy – it was sometimes a challenge to make it through the throngs of people…. Dave took some nice pictures of the market – I will post some as soon I get a copy…

Then this afternoon we made a trip to the Super Walmart in Collinsville, IL. I picked up some New York Strip steaks for supper along with soda, tea and beer.

So now it is raining outside and John is still working on the water heater and we are expecting Jared from Chicago to arrive any minute now…..

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