Greetings from a nice Memorial Day Weekend in Iowa..

We spent the three day weekend cam the Meskwaki Casino RV park in Tama, IA.  The park was fine.  For $19.00 a night we got a nice paved site with 50 amp electrical service and picnic table.  No water or sewer at the site but the RV had plenty for us.  The park was only 1/5th full so was nice and peaceful – no children or barking dogs to contend with.

All Setup

For fun I went swimming at the hotel pool twice.  The second time a large family (mom/dad and grandparents) kept staring and scowling at me with their best “I’m from North West Iowa” demeanor  – was creepy after the first 15 minutes.  Thought they were about ready to form a prayer circle and exorcise my demons by the time I was done swimming.  Left after 90 minutes… Was not even wearing my favorite My Little Pony t-shirt… 🙂

We also took some rides around Tama, Toledo and Marshalltown. I like driving around small towns – interesting to see the old homes and figure out what the history of it was – John not so much.  Took in several antique/thrift shops and a Hardware Hank.  I purchase d two used cookbooks (Kingsford BBQ and Mr. Food’s 15 minute meals) and John purchased a fitting to fix the melted water tube that leads to the ice maker in the freezer.  The tube had melted last winter because I left the fridge on by accident.

We made it home by 1:00pm.  The apartment building was “just fine”.  Took an hour to get the RV unloaded and interior cleaned.  Was glad that the RV did not have any problems during our first trip of the year.  Was worried since it froze solid on us last November when the nasty cold front came through before we could complete our last trip of the year.

A few weeks back the 8 foot commercial picnic table was delivered by a big Holland semi truck.  The driver refused to deliver the 8 foot pallet with the various parts wrapped in plastic on it to a security location in the back yard.  He opened the back of the truck and said “Here you go” – implying it was my job to unload it.  The truck had no lift gate and he had nothing to unload it with.  He eventually helped me drop it on the curb before taking off.  So I was stuck moving the picnic table parts one at a time to the back yard – could not just leave it on the curb.  In hind site I should have refused delivery unless he put it in the back of the apartment building.

The table went together easy enough.  I got it 75% done before heading off to ice skating, then John finished up the final braces while I was away.  We now have a nice outdoor area for the tenants to use.  So far, the grill gets used much more then the table.

Outdoor area. Now just need some grass to grow... under the oak tree.. maybe..

Three weeks ago the handyman service installed a new front door.  They did a shitty job.  We are still complaining about it.  Basically the door is installed crooked, does not shut properly and does not seal unless you pull the door closed yourself.  The door closer is set to pull the door closed as hard as it can and still does not work.  They are now trying to blame the security company and their door strike.  One handyman told me I was going to need to tell my tenants to use the door handle to close the door behind them each time they enter or leave.  Asking tenants to do anything is like asking Prince to speak in French – just not going to happen.  John is going to call them again tomorrow to have them fix the door problems.  This could get nasty.

Two weeks ago the security company installed the new door access systems.  They did a shitty job with no attention to detail or workmanship.  They guy who did the installation was probably not old enough to purchase alcohol.  At least he was pretty to look at.  He took four days to do a job that should have taken a single day, damaged our new door frame when installing the new strike plate, accidentally drilled a hole in the hallway wall and did not drill pilot holes in wooden panels that cover up the large holes left by the old access system in each apartment.  The panels cracked when he drilled drywall screws into them.  We bitched up a storm and his manager came out and attempted to fix the problems.  We finally got tired of the whole shirt storm and sent him away.  Never again.

Their first attempt to cover up the gouges to the metal door frame. New door did not look new for long.

Once we get the door and security system projects resolved, I want to start installing landscaping rock around the apartment building.  The wide overhang of the roof causes grass to not grow two feet out around the building.  Each time it rains, dirt gets thrown up by the rain drops.  We stopped at Menard’s over the weekend and picked out the style of stone border we like and along with the smaller rock.  Now trying to decide if it would be better to work through a landscaping company and purchase materials in bulk, or have it delivered by someone like Mendards or Lowe’s.  This could easily be a $1500 project… sigh….

Still working on the Adult Light Entertainment ice skating routine for the Heart of America ice skating competition in Kansas City, MO in a few weeks.  The routine has a baseball theme to it using the song Right Field originally by Peter, Paul and Mary.  Skating buddy Rich was able to artistically mix the song so it fits into 1 minutes and 30 seconds dictated by the rules, and still tell a story.  This is an old Pizza Hut commercial that is somewhat the inspiration:

I need to get lots of practice in the next two weeks.  The main problem I’ve been having is that I keep throwing out my right knee.  Kept twisting it when getting out of the jeep – believe it is a recurring Meniscus tear.  Putting ice on it made it feel better.  To help it heal faster and prevent further twisting I purchased a Shock Doctor Knee Supporter.  It has really helped and have been able to continue skating while wearing it.  Will keep wearing it until I make it through the ice skating competition.  Bad news is that over the weekend I developed gout pains on my left knee – calling the doctor for medicine tomorrow.  I just can not win… John tells me that is what happens when a 45 year old tries to skate like a 13 year olds…  That really is not the case… I know my limitations but keep pushing 🙂

My knee all iced up...

Love this knee support - helps keep my knee stable so it can heal nice and strong.

John blames the ice skating for my knee injuries but I’ve not hurt them skating – happens when I’m off the ice.  I’m quite proficient at falling properly on the ice and tend not to hurt myself.

Not much else going on… heading off to read for a bit and fall asleep.  I’m “On Call” this week for work – so hoping I don’t get paged in the middle of the night.  At least it is a short week with having today off 🙂

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