Greetings from a humid KOA campground….

John is working today so I have the motor home to myself for most of the day – a rare occasion. We have not had the best weather over the weekend. It has been overcast, humid and warm. Yesterday we finally got a sudden downpour of rain at 2:00pm in the afternoon. It happened while I was doing laundry and the laundry room suddenly filled up with campers caught in the rain and several who have pop-ups. The campground has not been overly busy – not nearly to capacity. You would think that any good campground would be filled to capacity and turning away people on Memorial Day weekend.

On Saturday morning our favorite neighbors have left. He got a new job in Houston and relocated there. It will be interesting to see who our new neighbors will eventually be. The site next to us is one of the longer sites in the park, so it will not take much time to become occupied. Now and then the full timers in the park move around – so would not be surprised to see a current resident at the park pull in. With our luck it will be a Mormon family with 8 children under the age of 5. 🙂

Also on Saturday we watched the new Terminator movie – Terminator Salvation at The Parks at Arlington movie theater. We received some free tickets from the manager of the movie theater because I sent them an email complaining about an air conditioning duct that rattled while watching Star Trek. The manager was very nice, called me on the phone to apologize and let me know that their full time maintenance guy would fix the problem right away.

The Terminator movie was ok – lots of special effects, fighting and etc. John watches the Terminator: Sara Connor Chronicles on TV and I half way pay attention to it. The characters in the movie were played by different actors then the movie and I found that I like the TV actors better. The movie ones were less believable. John was not impressed with the plot and what the plot brought to the world of the Terminators, but at least it was better then Terminator 3 – Rise of the machines.

I’m still spending lots of time on my “side project” – seems like the more I get done, the more I find to do. Last evening I had a walk-through with the project owner and it went ok. She pointed out the items that I know are not completed yet. One big challenge left is a web page with around 100 fields on it that is running very slowly. There is a whole bunch of functionality happening on this page – so not sure what is causing the slow response time. I’ve started putting the page through an HTML validator and it is finding some small problems, but has not made much of a difference. I need to spend more time working on this today.

John has been busy with his ham radio setup. Saturday afternoon he received a new microphone for it – an Yaesu MD-100:

John seems happy with it. He made some contacts using it on Sunday. This microphone frees Johns hands up so he can use computer and write easier while making a contact. He has also started to study for his Extra Class ham radio license using the Ham Test Online website. The ham radio exams get progressively more technical, and the Extra Class is the highest class for regular hams, so it is just a joy to study for…. When he passes the exam, he will then have access to some additional areas on the bands. Some operators will only operate in the areas that only Extras can communicate on because they believe the “quality of the contacts” are better……

I’m off to shower and to start programming for a few hours. This afternoon I want to go ice skating for an hour and also go swimming for a bit…..

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