I’m watching the most disgusting, vile episode of “How Clean Is Your Home” on BBC America. A fat lady, who resembles Divine, was living in a house with 12 birds that were allowed to fly around for the last 8 years. Her house was coated in bird poo and the carpet was saturated in dried slime from slugs. She also likes to eat fried chicken in her living room and just leave her dishes and bones just lay around… This house was so very very nasty…… She was sitting on a chair coated in bird poo and pee pee….. YUCK!!!!

John is not coping with his three day weekend very well – he must be kept busy or he is not happy. He has 3/4 of the RV waxed and should have it finished tomorrow. The RV is looking really good – he is using “Collinite’s Insulator Wax #845“. He says it goes on easy, but is a bit difficult to remove once it has dried to a haze. Being a bit difficult to remove is the mark of a good wax. He was able to obtain the wax through Advance. By Monday he will be beside himself and very unhappy – maybe I will luck out and something will break so he can spend time fixing it 🙂

I have been playing around with Second Life. Second Life is a virtual world where you can own property, build a house, walk around, interact with others and etc. I have been working on building my home and hope to have it done next week. Today I went to the “Rockcliffe University” in Second Life and took several interactive classes on how to work with and build new objects. The classes were actually well done and fun. I will probably take some more tomorrow. My goal is to create a motor home in second life and get enough land to have my very own campground. It will take me some time to be technically proficient enough to get all of this done…..


My Second Life Avatar

Here is what I look like in Second Life:

This is a snapshot of what one of my online classes looked like:


Second Life Building Class

After watching American Idol for two hours last Wednesday, Blake did not win. This was a bit depressing for me – but it might not be that bad of an outcome for him. The Feast of Fools podcast had an interesting point of view on Blake winning 2nd place – he is not obligated to be represented by the record contract that the winner is obligated to take. Blake should be able to shop around and entertain offers from other record companies that might be more fitting to him. Jordan will be represented by the record company affiliated with Fox…. It will be interesting to see if Blake is gay like many people believe he is and if he comes out or does what Clay Aiken is doing……. time will tell….

Tomorrow I want to go out clothes shopping and perhaps check out the South Carolina Military Museum. I checked and it opens at 10:00am – I find it a bit odd that I can learn about war, fighting and killing at the museum on Sunday morning, but I can’t buy a 2×4 at Lowe’s until 1:30pm……

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