The three day weekend is over – Mitch, Dave and Jared have left the RV park – so I’m sad…. It was really nice spending time with everone… We don’t get to see them very often anymore – so it was a treat! The good news is that we will see them at the July 4th rally in Des Moines, IA during the 4th of July weekend.

So what did we do the rest of the weekend since the last blog posting… On Sunday morning Dave, Mitch and Jared meet Perry for breakfast at Crusoe’s. The kitchen was having a good week – my chicken and roasted red pepper omelet was very tasty. After breakfast Dave and Mitch got packed up and on the road by 12 noon. They are on their way down to Orlando, FL to visit family – and they made it to Kentucky by Monday afternoon.


Early Conestoga Wagon - RV from the 1800's

On Sunday afternoon Jared and I went to the St. Louis Arch. This is the first time Jared has been to Missouri, so we had to do the Arch – John refused to go…. The Arch was really busy. We got tickets for the building of the Arch documentary and the trip to the top ($14.00 a person). The movie started right away and then we had to kill 45 minutes by wandering around the Arch’s museum. Here is a few pictures I took of an early RV:


Interior of the wagon. I don't see the Air Conditioning, Generator, toilet or black tanks... must be up front...

We eventually made it to the top of the Arch via the little pods that transport us up. The top was very busy – lots of people – we had to wait for window space on each side of the viewing room. One of the good things is that both the North and South side trams were operational – so we had a short wait to go back down.


Crowded observation room at the top of the arch... I'm sure John can identify an Ass Clown in the picture somewhere...


View of the baseball stadium from the arch - it was a bit overcast and rainy when I took the pic...

All in all – it took us a total of four hours to see the arch from the time we left the RV park to the time we returned. It normally takes about 1/2 that time… Once back at home we just hung out around the RV, chatted and read some books…. very exciting…

For supper we decided to go to the Hard Rock Cafe located behind Union Station – just 1/2 mile from the RV park. John and I have never been to it – and since we had a real live tourist with us (Jared) – we gave it a try. The good news is that we were seated after just a few minutes of waiting. In general we had decent service and the food was fine – just nothing special. The bad part is that the music is very loud – loud music is fine when they play music they like, but not very enjoyable when they play something you don’t like or recognize. They played a mixture of 80’s rock/pop classics, alternative and hard rock. It was fun seeing the music video that went with the music – some of the videos I had not seen before…. The hard rock music was not my favorite….. Another negative point is that their food was a bit expensive. John had a bacon cheeseburger and fries for around $15.00 and I had a pulled pork sandwich in the same price range… no big deal – I’m sure we are playing for the atmosphere and overall experience.

After our Hard Rock Cafe experience – we walked around the Union Station shopping mall. All of the stores were already closed for the evening – but the little museum was still open and I got to put a few quarters in the model train and watch the O-Scale train go around the layout – that was the real reason for going to the mall – so mission accomplished.

We then returned home to the RV park and decided to go see a movie – we all agreed on seeing Iron Man at the Chase Park Plaza Hotel movie theater. I’ve not been to this theater before, but I know that the Chase Park Plaza is one of the more expensive hotels in the area ($200.00 to $300.00 a night rooms). We arrived and parked in their parking garage which was under renovation. We had a difficult time finding a way to get to the hotel from the garage – we only had a few minutes before the movies started – so in desperation we walked out the entrance we drove into and the walked around the block. Long story stort – we made it to our seats while previews were still being shown….

The theater was not overly nice – it seemed like a converted ball room cut in half with chairs installed. My largest complaint is that we sat in the back row and every time someone entered or exited the theater light from the lobby shown into the theater – very distracting… I would have moved but the theater was a but busy and I’m too polite.

The Iron Man movie was pretty good. I did not see any of the previews for the movie and did not have any preconceived ideas about what it would be like. I got into it and enjoyed it. It think it is kinda funny how most women in comic books have names that rhyme (Lois Lane is a good example ) this movie had Gwyneth Paltrow playing “Pepper Pots”. I would recommend the movie – I liked the action scenes, computer animation and Robert Downey, JR actually looked good with his shirt off….

I hope to see the new Indiana Jones movie and the Prince Caspian movies in the upcoming weeks…. I probably will not go back to the Chase Park Plaza – there is another unique theater that is close to the RV park – the Moolah Shrine Theater that looks interesting….

So that brings us up to today…. We meet Perry at Chris’s for breakfast and then Jared and I went to the St. Louis Zoo. We watched the Sea Lion show – the show was very different then the one I saw last week – they used different sea lions and did some different tricks… it was still a cute, fun show to watch. Jared took some pictures during the show – I will post some if he will send them to me…. After the Sea Lion show we then traipsed around the zoo – checking out monkeys, lemurs, big cats, apes, okapis and much more… We ran out of time before seeing the entire zoo or riding the train around the park…..

Jared took off on his motor cycle around 1:00pm and made home in Andersonville, IL by 6:30pm. Pretty good time and he said that the weather held out so he had a dry trip most of the way….

I spent the afternoon reading a book and lounging around the RV park. For supper John invited his work camping friend Randy and his wife, Jackie, to supper with us. We all meet Perry at Noodles. We all had various bowls of pasta – I had my favorite Pesto Cappatavi – a spiral noodle with a olive oil/pesto sauce on it – very yummy. John had his favorite – Beef Stroganoff.

And that is pretty much our weekend… we are very lucky to had such great friends!

Tomorrow it is back to work for me….. It will be nice to get back into the swing of things… yeah… that’s right…. that’s my story and I’m sticking to it….

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