Greetings from a stormy evening in Arlington, TX…

A storm rolled in around 7:00pm with thunder, lightening and rain. At least it held off until John was done with work.

I had a good day of fixing problems and programming. I didn’t have any meetings today so I was able to spend the afternoon doing some “heads down” programming and got lots completed. I decided to stop at a grocery store and buy some food for lunch this week – I want to take short lunch breaks to help make up for having Monday off at work. The coworker that I go out to eat with is on vacation this week – so eating at my desk is no big deal. Traffic to and from work was lighter then usual – my guess is that many people took a few extra days off from work…. hope it continues the rest of the week.

Prop 8 being upheld in California was a disappointment today, but at least those who were previously married will stay married. It seems pretty screwed up that you can have one gay couple in CA who is married, and other couples are not allowed to. So California still has some more work to do… perhaps they can get a Prop-8 repeal on the ballet next year.

I have started to watch Season 2 of Project Runway Canada hosted by Iman via Bittorrent download on the computer. The second season is almost done, but I have only watched the first episode . The first episode was interesting because one contestant left due to a panic attack, one left because of issues caused by cancer and one left because of no talent. I think the Canadian version of Project Runway is just as good as the US version – so looking forward to downloading and watching the entire season.

John spent most of the evening studying for the Extra Ham Test. The HamCon 2009 hamfest is June 12-13, so John needs to study hard the next few weeks.

My side project is coming along. I’m working on adding some polish to the system and fixing problems that I and the testers find. With some luck, I will be done with it in the next few weeks.

Not much else going on, heading off to bed……

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