I’m sad this evening… the posting I did last evening included a You Tube video of John and Jared at the Hard Rock Cafe. If you check out my previous posting – there is no video or mention of it. I was censored by John – he changed my posting while I was reading a book last evening…. how sad…..

The weather here has taken a turn for the worse here – today was wet, dreary and a bit stormy. At around 12:30pm the tornado sirens went off and we were told to head down to the bottom floor of where I work. I spent 30 minutes or so in a inside hallway waiting for the tornado to come and take me away to Oz… The tornado did not come – a funnel cloud was spotted over St. Louis – but it did not become a tornado. After returning to my desk the rest of the day was uneventful. After work I did 30 minutes on a treadmill watching Nanny 911 on the TV (it was already on when I started working out). That show scares me – I can’t believe how some families live….. but I kept watching it like a train wreck in progress…..

Upon my arrival home, John had supper ready – a Bertolli pasta dish with spinach, olive oil, tomatoes and penne pasta – it was just ok…


The crowd at the Soulard Market

I just received some pictures from Dave D. from the past weekend – Thank you Dave!!. Here’s a few of them:


One of the vendors at Soulard.


Rich S. and Derek at Chris's


Mitch, their new dog Cambel and myself in their Winnebago View.


Jared, myself and Dave

This evening we are going through American Idol withdrawal – John just got done removing all of the canceled TV shows from our DVR list of shows to record – mainly Moonlight and New Amsterdam

I plan on spending the rest of the evening studying some SharePoint topics in a online tutorial I purchased from www.Remote Course.com for $99.00. It seemed like Remote Course had the best value in online training for Sharepoint and I think it will be a good place to start.

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