The weather has moderated a bit finally – it is warm, but not as humid or stormy…

I’m having a really good week at work – getting lots done. I attribute this to having lots of people out of the office this week so I’m being left alone more then usual. Also a major upgrade to Notes 8.5 servers is going on that is keeping people busy. Right now I’m working on a new web application that is used to create and retain quotes for items. The big thing with this project is that the people I’m programming it for only have authorization for a set amount of hours – so I have to get as much done as possible in about 1/2 the time it usually take. I’ve been copying code and functionality from past projects and tweaking it to work. So far so good, but still not sure I will get all the “bells and whistles” they want in place before my time runs out.

John continues to study for the Extra ham test. It is making him crabby – he tells me to be quiet because he is studying…. so I tell him to be quiet become I’m programming…. The Extra exam is very technical and nasty to study for. I started to study for it a year ago, but got sidetracked and did not get back to it.

My side project is getting closer to completion. I’m working on the last piece – redoing the email functionality. Right now all the emails are hard coded using @MailSend commands that include document links. Because this is a web application, the emails need to contain URL links back to submitted documents and etc. I don’t like hard coding emails so redoing it so the emails use a setup document to obtain the subject, content and etc. So much fun……

I’ve been watching more episodes of Project Runway Canada – I’ve completed the first 4 episodes. If I start downloading an episode before I go to bed at night, it is done by morning using the parks wifi. This works out well because I don’t want to max out the bandwidth of the Verizon EVDO card. John becomes unhappy when we go over the limit and get charged .25 cents per meg…. Which we have not done since we sent the month in Quartzsite being unemployed.

I’m glad tomorrow is Friday because I can wear jeans to work – as long as I don’t need to go over to the corporate headquarters. I don’t have anything planned for the weekend yet – perhaps John will take me to the Ft. Worth Museum of Science and Technology. They have a new exhibit about Spy technology that might be cool.

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