Greetings from a warm, sunny Arlington, TX….

We just back from Sushi Yaa – a sushi buffet place. The words ‘sushi’ and ‘buffet’ should not be used together, but this place was pretty decent. It was small, clean and the wait staff was very attentive. They only put one sushi roll out on individual plates – so the sushi was not sitting around in big sheet pans. They had four guys behind the counters preparing the 20 different kinds sushi. I had hot green tea and it was served in a cool brown ceramic mug and had a nice flavor to it. John found enough non-sushi stuff to eat, but was not overly impressed. He said that what they had was good – but not much variety… I would like to go back again sometime… but I doubt that I will get John to….. 🙁

This morning I walked around the Traders Village flea market. I arrived at 10:00am and lots of the vendors were still setting up. They cater to mostly the Mexican market and sell everything you need to be a good Mexican… I purchased some “Shu Nu” shoe cleaner spray with a cleaning brush – only reason I purchased it was because a cute twink spent 5 minutes cleaning my tennis shoes and trying hard to sell it… For $5.00 it was probably worth it… it contains coconut oil and silicone…..

I also purchased some avocados (3 for $5.00), a wind up fuzzy chick toy for Prince ($1.00) and three boxes of snappers ($1.00) (throw them on the ground and they pop)…. I keep an eye out for old computers, video game systems and 8-tracks but I don’t find much…

I’m still programming on my side project and plan to have all the functionality in place tomorrow. Right now I’m working on code that sends out emails as part of the work flow process. I’m converting the programming that sends emails out from the Notes Client to work on the web. I have two more forms to work on before all of that functionality is done.

Our other neighbor (I called him dingle berry – he drove around in a truck with a “Avoid the Rush – Hate Texas Early” bumper sticker and special muffler to make his diesel truck run even louder) left this week. Now we have new neighbors in his spot – an older couple in a well maintained Safari motor home. John’s meet them, but I have not. No one has pulled into Wayne and Victoria’s old spot on the other side of us yet – probably waiting for the grass to grow back from the kids playing.

Tomorrow is laundry and cleaning day – I do laundry and John cleans house…. I also want to go swimming for a bit…. John will continue to study for this ham radio exam in two weeks….

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