I had a good day at work – I have been assigned to work on an interesting project – attaching an Excel to a document on the web and then automatically parse data out of the Excel and display it on the web page. I’ve done similar so it should be easy enough to do…. I found out that my direct manager will be leaving the company in the next month or so… that was kinda a bummer for me because I like working with him…..

My mall walk was interesting today – I spotted a girl wearing a pink shirt that says “Free Paris” – referring to Paris Hilton going to jail from drunk driving. How stupid…. Now Paris is a convicted felon – she can’t vote, go to Canada or become an attorney. This web site explains what rights a convicted felon is stripped of. I think Paris got what she deserved and I hope prison life does not go well for her…..

Another store closed at the Columbia Center mall – it was a clothing store that sold lovely church clothes to older black ladies. Walking at the same mall each day gives me some interesting insight into the mall comings and goings. Earlier this month the Perfume Galore store closed. Most of the store are being replaced with mom-and-pop stores that cater to African Americans. It seems like tennis shoes, cell phones, gold jewelry and incense are top sellers at various stores and booths.

I managed to get in 11,094 steps in today.

I like the shout-it-out message about watching “Canadian Idol” to help me over my Idol withdrawl. I’m going to try and download the episodes off the web using Bit Torrent and Pirate Bay. With a little luck I should be able to watch each episode. I should also check and see if I can download it from iTunes.

We have finally decided to get RoadRunner Broadband internet installed – having slow, unreliable internet access is getting old for the both of us. Since we already have free Time Warner cable at our site, we just need to stop by a local Time Warner Cable store front and pick up a self-install kit. With some luck we will have it up and running tomorrow evening. Just in time to download weekly episodes of Canadian Idol..

John received a call from Barb in Bloominton, IL. We meet Barb and Jim while we were staying at the trailer park in Bloomington, IL. They will be coming to South Carolina in July and would like to meet up with us – very cool!! It will be nice to see them again.

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