Hello all, John here.

The weather here in Arlington has been nice, but very warm and humid. I didn’t catch the high today, but it must have been close to 94 or so.

The park hasn’t been very busy. We have our normal compliment of Monthly or Long Terms, and the normal 1st of month turnover. As Derek said the Ass-Clown that was next to us finally left, and we were feeling lonely for a day or so (Not Really). I still do not understand how some people just bumble through life not giving second thought to how their actions impact others. Anyhow, we do have new neighbors in his spot, an older couples who seem pleasant. We haven’t chatted with them much yet. We do miss Wayne, Victoria, and Ace (Yes, even the child…), though I must say it is much more peaceful that the rest of the tribe of children don’t hang out next door… 😛 I think Prince misses the action though, as he doesn’t have rug rats to wonder what the hell is going on outside.

Work has been meh… I do not care for the full 40 hour week, especially since not much has changed. The “Deal” was that if I took the extra day, I would not have to do all the push mowing. I would completely understand Al dividing it up amongst all of us, but it is plainly obvious that is just wouldn’t get done if I didn’t do it. I told his Friday that if this is the way it is going to be I would just assume go back to my original 32 hour week and I will just stick with my normal routine. He seemed to get upset with me, but such is life. I think Wynevela also said something to him because he was strangely nice to me the rest of the day. Wynevela comes off a bit harsh sometimes, but she tends to have the best interest of all of us in mind, and seems to know when to carry the big stick and when to use it. At first she was sort of annoying to work with but her very vibrant personality and the way she engages the customers makes working “Guest Services” much more fun. On that same note we had an older couple come in Friday with a Class B van. The lady (I forgot her name…) was 88, and married for 68 years. They were neat people and I sure hope if we have the pleasure of getting to that age, we are able to get around and have such a great attitude about life.

Saturday was pretty mundane, as I spent most of it studying, and surfing… As Derek said he went to the Flea Market, and brought things back to terrorize the cat and me. We also booked airfare to Saint Louis for July.

Today, we met some members of the local chapter of RARA (Rainbow Amateur Radio Association) for Brunch in Dallas. We met at Verlon’s house, which is in the north part of Dallas, close to the gay district, and then met Chris and Arthur at Lucky’s Dinner. We all then scampered back to Verlon’s for the Sunday 20 Meter net. We all checked in and contributed to the net, and Verlon sped off to Love Field to pickup another RARA member (Leonard) from FL at the airport. After the net, we also jumped on the Echolink reflector and chatted with a couple other locals, then retired to Verlon’s living room and chatted more about the club and upcoming HamCom. We are still undecided about taking the camper up there for the event, as it is in Plano and a good hours drive from Arlington, but we would be dry camping for the weekend, I guess we will wait and see how warm it is going to be… The Group seems pretty active and was very welcoming and friendly. We hope to see much more of them while we are here.

When we returned back to the park I stopped in the office to check mail, and the new Manager Chuck was there. He asked if Monday I could look at his A/C on the Manager trailer as it was not functioning, and told him I would take a quick look right away, so he could get the part first thing in the AM. Well, the starter cap had a hole rusted in the bottom and all the insides were on the outside, so I pulled it off and gave it to him to find a new one. He kind of looked at me with a deer in the headlights look like “Where am I supposed to find this?” and I responded that “Dude, get on google, that is what I would do…” He hasn’t been here even a week yet, so I am trying to give the guy a little slack, but so far I am not sure he is going to be much more than a “Hide in the office and try to make no waves” sort of guy… In other words your typical manager biding his time…

When I was done with that little project I vacuumed and cleaned up the camper while Derek was doing laundry, then got out my roll of Reflectix and blocked as many windows as I could. I managed to get both of them on the South West side, which gets most of the sun, and the two high ones over the cockpit area. I am going to try to avoid blocking the windshield even though that is the biggest source of heat intake, mostly because we really don’t want to live in total darkness, and the windows I blocked off we never have the blinds open on anyhow. I guess we will see tomorrow if it makes any difference. The A/C has been doing OK keeping up, but we have had a couple days where it was hard to get it below 74 or so in here, and if I don’t turn it down right away in the AM, it won’t cool it fast enough to keep up. Yes, I am thinking about adding a third A/C. I need to call Winnie and get a structural drawing of the roof, since I want to install it in the bedroom. I have easy access to 120 volts there (either from the panel box, or the Engine Block Heater switch). I would like to run the line down into the bay and have it on the Engine Block Heater circuit since then I could run it both from the Generator, or Shore power cord if needed, or just unplug it and run a separate cord over to another 20 amp outlet. We will see…

So that is all I got… Have a goodnight, I am late for bed…


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