Happy Memorial Day - 2010!

Greetings from an overcast Memorial Day in Milwaukee…

The weather this weekend has been great – until this morning. It has been sunny in the mid-80’s with light breeze – perfect weather. This morning a quick storm passed through and now it is cooler and overcast…

Now to catch up on the past few days.. since I’ve been a bad blogger and not posted since last Wednesday…. Bad Derek…


All bright and shiny.. for now...

John had the motor home washed and waxed last week. It really needed it – still had road grime from our trip to Ohio. We were going to do it the past weekend but my gout was flaring up and John had a sore foot from something falling on it at work.. It looks all bright and shiney now… or until it rained this morning. Seems like the black streaks come on quickly here due to the urban environment.



View of the Milwaukee River Walk - it is a series of patios, walkways and decks along the river that is generally accessible to the public.

On Thursday evening went out with Todd and his friend Roger. Todd is a friend from when I worked at Johnson Controls here in town. Todd is fun to go out with because he knows Milwaukee inside out and knows great places to dine and etc. Thursday evening the weather was also great – so we wanted to dine outside. We checked out several places along the Wisconsin river in the 3rd ward, but most had no outside seating available. We finally ended up at The Ale House and had a great table overlooking the river and downtown.

For supper I had a buffalo chicken sandwich with Asian coleslaw – it was just ok…. Todd and Roger had chicken enchiladas that looked yummy. After dining we went to a gay bar called Boom. Believe I’ve been to this location in the past under a different name – not sure… Anyway… It was a nice, somewhat upscale bar with a nice outside patio. It was not very busy, so we got served right away and headed to the patio…


Roger (left) and Todd (right)


Nice plants/flowers at Boom

I did not drink any alcohol at all because of my gout… Beer is one of the things that seems to trigger it… bummer because I do like a beer now and then…. 🙁


Working on bike

Friday I had to work – was somewhat boring. I had enough work to keep me busy, but was not overly into it with the three day weekend coming up. It also did not help that most full time employees were allowed to leave 2 hours early. So by 4:30pm the office was very quiet… I then spent Friday evening working on the old bicycle. I purchased replacement tires and inner tubes, along with a bike light, water bottle and bike computer. Spent the next three hours working on cleaning the bike some more and installing the new tires and accessories. Used some no-rust SOS pads with built in soap to remove rust and dirt on the rims – worked well.

On Saturday we both slept in late – so John could get caught up since he worked until 4:00am…. I then went and purchased some new brake pads for the bike – the old ones were hard and chalky. Once I got the brakes installed I was ready to take the bike out for a ride. There’s a rustic tail that goes behind the RV park that I took over to the Miller Park area. The condition of the trail varied from smooth limestone, to rocky limestone to impassible because of railroad ties. This part of the trail is scheduled to be improved starting in July by paving and landscaping it. Once completed I can take it all the way downtown and then south along the lake… The bike performed ok – the chain fell off once but was able to put it back on with no problems – besides getting dirty fingers…. The computer on the bike said I went 4.8 miles.. so not very far…. I think there is a way to get to the improved part of the trail, but I could not figure it out… will investigate using Google Maps….

Saturday evening we had reservations for a German restaurant that I wanted to try called Kegel’s Inn. Check out their website – has pictures of the neat old interior. John had sauerbraten and I had Beef Rouladen. The food was fine – nothing over the top, but fine… Highlight of the meal was the most decadent blue cheese dressing I’ve had in a long long time… was sinful… It was nice to go out to a nice place with John…. since I don’t see him much during the work week….

Yesterday we hung out around the motor home, then John called a friend who lives up in the general Appleton, WI area who just became part owner of a trucking company. He wanted to show John the facility and take us out for supper. So up we went… It was cool to see the business and have supper with a friend we’ve not seen in person for almost 5 years. We went out to a neat old supper club and had a yummy supper. I had friend chicken (very naughty) that was just as good as my favorite palace in Milwaukee. The atmosphere at the Supper Club was straight out of the late 70’s, early 80’s… Lots of tacky brown everything….. it as fun…. After supper we headed back to Milwaukee… made it back by 10:30pm…

Today I got laundry done early.. thought it might get busy this evening due to the end of a long weekend. I was the only one in the laundry room – so got 6 loads washed, dried and put away within 90 minutes. John just left for work (11:00am) – he’s not sure how long of a day he will have – depends on what a local brewery needs to have hauled. I want to go on a bike ride this afternoon, but need to see what the weather does.. still cloudy and looks like it could rain again….

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