Greetings from the Portland Fairview RV park…

The weather has been very overcast this week but relatively dry.  It keeps looking like it could rain any minute now, but it does not.  At least the temps have been getting into the upper 60’s and lower 70’s…

Yesterday was able to go swimming at the park pool for the first time.  The pool is heated and the water is warmer then the outside air – so stay wet and it feels great.  But chilly when you get out.


Finally able to go swimming. My eyes look sad/tired....

Like I frequently say, it has been very busy at work.  I’m involved with lots of projects that have deadlines.  Think I could do nothing but program for a week and not be caught up.  Found out that my direct manager is retiring at the end of the month.  Will be interesting to see who my new manager is…  You should be nice to everyone at work because they could be your boss someday….  🙂

Had a large project go into production Thursday morning and have been working out some bugs that were found after the fact.  That’s not much fun – need to get it fixed sooner then later because several hundred people can’t use it now….  John always asks me “well – was it your fault”.  Short answer is – Yes.  Long answer is ‘Yes, but would have been nice if  the problem was found by the testers”.  The best test of any programming is to let people start using it – they will find the problems… quickly….. but not the best way to go…

Believe next week things will start to calm down.  Next project deadline is on June 21st – so have some wiggle room…  There’s also some more projects coming down the queue for me that start next month…..  I like being kept busy so not complaining at all…  plus my manager reads the blog now and then 🙂

John continues to be busy with his school work.  His classes will start to wind down and then he will need to do his final exams.  The exams are a big part of his final grade – so he really has to study and ramp up for them.  He’s already informed me that he wants to do one of the exams on a Saturday and that I need to find something to do and not be around the MoHo….  He can’t concentrate when I’m around….  it’s my animal magnetism 😉

Last night we meet two “blog buddies”(Peter and Larry) from Canada who are staying at the park here.  We spent several hours last evening chatting up a storm about RVing, full-timing, places they have been and want to go… We are meeting them again this evening for supper.  It’s nice not being “the only gays in the village” for awhile… 🙂

Weather looks dry for the coming weekend – so looking forward to riding bike, swimming, being outside and enjoying being in the Pacific NorthWest….

Tomorrow the park activity director is hosting a wine and cheese party.  Idea is to bring your own wine to share, sample what others have brought and enjoy the cheese/crackers/treats the park is providing.  This part of the country has lots of vineyards – so hoping to sample some local ones….

Not much else going on… need to get myself together for supper….

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