Hello again, John here.

Another messed up day here at the Park… Was supposed to do the blinds that didn’t get done yesterday because of massive mis-communication, and George had a Dr. Appointment this AM, so I decided I wasn’t going to waste yet another day waiting around. I made a run to Advance to pickup some Wax, they did not have what I wanted, so I got “nu Finish” which a number of people recommend on the forums. It goes on and off easy, but I like the collinites better– it shines better. However, the “nu-Finish” instantly removes black streaks. I got the Front and Rear caps and 1/2 way down one side. I also was able to get the solar screen cleaned (I use Wesley’s Bleach-White for those).

Of course, as I was 1/2 way through with the rear cap, George pulls up and says the blind job called, and they were ready to be picked up. I asked him to give me 15 minutes to wrap up the section I was on, of course that wasn’t good enough for him and he wanted to go pick them up alone… Whatever. He made it back with 31 blinds, which we cleaned and dried in about 3 hours, not bad time. I guess we will take them back in the morning and then go start the big job at the library. I hate cleaning blinds.

After that I went back to waxing. Overall it was a pretty nice day weather wise.

Derek is off entertaining his college form overseas… Denmark I think, her name is Mette. Now sure when he will be home, but he isn’t answering his cell as usual. I don’t know why he even carries it.

Other than that, not much happening here. Have a goodnight.


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