Greetings from a cool but nice evening in Oregon.

The past few days the weather has been overcast during most of the day but clears off towards sunset.  Not complaining because I can sit outside and enjoy the sun for a bit after work.  Temps have been in the lower 70’s – a bit too cold to go swimming with the cool breeze.

Work continues to be very busy with no end in site. Got the programming finished this evening for the project that must be completed by next Tuesday.  Sent email off to the business owners to review and test what I did.  Will go through cycle of changes and bug fixes for the next few days and then, hopefully, it will go into production next Monday evening.  Have several more projects that I have been neglecting that I need to get back into the swing of things with in the next few days.

No ice skating again this week due to the Rose Festival using the ice rink for their show at the Lloyd Center.  Been going on at least a 30 minute bike ride each evening after work – kind of my standard routine each night after supper.  Miss breaking up the bike riding with ice skating…  Tomorrow evening going to get my inline skates out and see how I do with them.  Have not used them in a few years and curious to see how much they are like ice skating….

Last Friday evening we went out to supper with Peter and Larry.  Went to Xaviers and had a nice meal and talking more about their life in Canada, our life of full time RVing and so on.  The service was not very good but we were so chatty it did not matter.  I had a salmon fillet with baked potato and salad.  It was nothing special, but was fine… Best part with my Long Island Ice Tea…

On Saturday evening we did the park’s wine and cheese party.  It was nice….  lots of different wines to try….  from screw top sweet wines to some merlots…  We brought two red wines from Oregon – a 2007 Oregon Rogue Valley Red Wine by Hinman Vineyards  and a 2008 Amitage Red Blend from Columbia Crest Grand Estates.  Both were good with cheese and crackers.  Then I stayed to listen to karaoke for a few hours while working on the puzzle I started earlier in the week.  John bailed once the singing started 🙂

Been working on picking up morse code again by practicing it daily using the HamMorse iPhone app. It is a really nice app – it uses the Koch method to learn in the code in an order that has been used for decades.  Then it also has other ways to practice like news feeds, simulated QSOs, random words and call sign training modes.  It has lots of functionality for a small iPhone app.

Johns college classes have been going well. One of the classes has him learning how to use the Microsoft Access database software.  He’s not used database software before so it is a bit of a challenge.

Not much else going on… going to practice Morse Code for a bit, play Warcraft and watch TV….

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