Greetings from St. Louis…. This is Derek.

We are having a problem with our main computer – the PowerBook G4. For some reason it is not letting us log in under our main account. I was able to log in under an alternate account and I’m clearing some cache files and running “Repair Disk” to see if it helps…. My guess is that something associated with the main account has become corrupt or something…. perhaps it’s time to get a new computer 😉

We had a wonderful weekend with Scott – I have lots to write about and pictures to share – but not tonight.. due to computer problems and because I’m tired.

I was dragging ass all day at work and then I had my first SharePoint training session at New Horizons tonight from 6:00pm to 9:00pm. The training was interesting and I’m glad I’m taking it, but now my eyes are fried – very sore and tired from looking at computer screen for over 10 hours today.

To read a bit about our weekend from Scott’s point of view – check out his blog at: www.scotthicks.com.

I will write about our weekend and upload pictures tomorrow evening….

I’m off to bed….

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