The computer is back in good health today. Running Verify Disk and Repair Disk Permissions in the Disk Utility did the trick – I’m now able to log in with the main account. This is the first big issue I’ve had with my PowerBook G4 since I purchased it 3 1/2 years ago – so not complaining too much.

Work was fine today. Over my lunch break I attended the St. Louis Lotus Technologies Users Group meeting. The meeting featured a demonstration of some utility programs for Lotus Notes programmers that I wanted to see. The demo was good and I learned a few things….

The rest of my workday was spent working on fixes to applications in production…. sooo… much fun….

So now for our weekend with Scott.

John picked up Scott around 11:30am on Friday. They spent time doing a whole lot of nothing around the RV until I got home….. We then went to Square One Brewery for supper. They have several fish dishes that were in the realm of being healthy for Scott. I had Artic Char – it was their special and is not on their regular menu. This is the first time I’ve had Char and it was good. It tasted like a fresh water fish, but it had the texture of Salmon. I paired it with an IPA ale – Square One describes it as “This full bodied, dark golden ale is brewed with a larger proportion of hops and malt to give it a rich, malty taste and clean, bitter finish. “. It is a nice in-between beer – in between a Pale Ale and a dark beer….


Streamlined train engine...

On Saturday we started out having breakfast at Chris’s and then from there we went to the St. Louis Transportation Museum. They have lots of cool, old trains and cars to look at. Their car collection is not large, but what they have is really unique. My favorite was a Chrysler Turbine Car that had a turbine engine and a Stanley Steamer car that ran on steam power. Then we checked out all of the trains.


Scott by some of the large steam engines...


Pic of Scott and I riding on the mini-train

They have lots of very old and unique train engines dating back to the mid 1800’s. I wish I would have taken more pictures of the big steam engines. It is amazing to see how large they are and how many moving parts they have. We were able to ride in a old Chicago Transit car and also a miniture train – similar to the ones that the St. Louis zoo has. Seeing all of the trains makes me want to have a train set again… but no room in the mo-ho….


Scott, Steve, Joseph and John at the cook-out

On Saturday evening we invited friends (Steve, Joseph, Perry, Doug and Scott) over to have a cook-out at the RV park. We served everything from the tailgate of the Subaru so we were technically tail-gating… very hetro straight guys of us… John grilled hamburgers that were yummy and we had potato salad, cole slaw and bean salad! Steve brought a frozen chocolaty moose cake that was very decadent.

On Sunday morning we meet Perry and Rich A. for breakfast at Crusoe’s. After breakfast John dropped off Scott and I at the St. Louis Arch so we could get some exercise. We walked to the steps at the base of the arch and checked out the flood waters from the Missippi river. Then Scott played Rocky and ran up and down the stairs a bunch of times…


Da… da da da dat da dat da dat. da da da daaaaa daaaaaaaaa, da da da da ...


Nice view of the Arch

We then walked across the Ead’s Bridge that goes over the Mississippi river for some more exercise and to see the river:


View of the flooded river front from the Eads Bridge


Scott and I on the Eads Bridge

We then talked back over the bridge and walked through downtown and back to the RV park. Then on Sunday afternoon Scott and I headed over to Grant’s Farm to see their horses. I remember going here when I was a kid, but I don’t remember much. When we arrived we checked out a stable with young Clydesdale horses and their parents. The horses were really cool to see up close. We then took a tram through their deer park and to the main part of Grants Farm.


Nice Clydesdale....


Main gate after you take the tram ride.


Entrance to the main courtyard where you get 2 free beers...


Scott feeding the boats milk with a baby bottle

Grant’s farm has a nice little zoo with goats, lemurs, camels, parrots, kangaroos and LLAMAS!! Llama, Llama, Llama… LLAMAS!!


My turn feeding the goats... they were hungry... and greedy... one would head-butt the one eating so he could get a turn at the bottle...


Nice Llama... until he spit on a guy.. was funny..


Another Llama....

After Grant’s Farm we meet John back at the Mo-Ho and then went out for supper at the Four Seasons. After supper we watched two movies at home.. Juno and Alvin and the Chipmunks. Bet you can’t guess who picked these titles out 😉 Anyway… Juno was actually pretty good – made me giggle alot. The chipmunks movie was about what you would expect. The computer animation in it was very good and they were very cute. The chipmunks voices bothered me a bit – they seemed more shrill then the original Chipmunk recordings – so some of the songs the did were a bit hard on the ears…. not sure I would see it again.

So that was our big weekend and you know why I was so tired on Monday…..

Scott made it to his next stop, San Diego, on time and as expected. Make you check out his blog at www.scotthicks.com for more pictures of the weekend and etc…

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