Greetings from St. Louis. The weather here has been gorgeous – in the lower 90’s with a cool breeze. I go outside during my lunch break and it has been difficult going back inside to work…. Wish I could sit by the pool, have a drink or two and soak in the sun. Last weekend I got too much sun and my face has been peeling a bit, but not too bad…. I have been using some aloe vera gel to sooth my skin…. I hope to get some more sun this weekend to help even out my complexion….

Tonight was the last night of my SharePoint training at New Horizons. The training was kinda fun to do and it was nice to go to a training center to get away from everything and concentrate on the subject. So now I have a certificate that shows I completed the training and I’ve already added it to my resume. I’m now in the process of signing up for the SharePoint Level 2 course and hope to begin it next week…..

The training center was not very busy – it was me and two older ladies learning Microsoft Office stuff. I felt a bit sorry for the instructor because the two ladies were not catching on to some basic concepts very easily and he was trying to be patient with them…. one concept was how to find a document on your hard drive after your downloaded it from the internet and forgot the file name and which folder it went to. My answer is to get a Macintosh because it has a downloads folder right on the task bar that fans out and show your recent downloads….


Mighty Bright XtraFlex2 Dual Super Led Book light

I received a package from Amazon.com in the mail today. I ordered a Mighty Bright XtraFlex2 Dual Super Led Book light and Season 1 of Nanny 911..

I got the book light so I can sit outside longer in the evening in the cool evening air and read books and magazines. I also want to use it while reading in bed – the lights above the bed are a bit harsh… The Nanny 911 dvd was an impulse purchase (I’m allowed to now and then). I’ve been watching the show in the CW while working out, but never see the ending of each episode… I enjoy watching dysfunctional straight married couples attempt to be good parents and fail miserably. I’m thinking that perhaps John could get into baby sitting during the day… 😉


Two llama's standing under a tree....

Here’s another Llama picture from over the weekend:

I checked the archives to see what we were doing on this day in past years:

2007 – at the RV park in Columbia, SC trying to determine if a llama was living in the front seat of a pickup truck.
2006 – at the trailer park in Bloomington, IL – just got done with relationship study at the University of Illinois in Campaign-Urbana.

it is fun being able to look back over the last 3 1/2 years and see what we did…. August will be the 4th anniversary of the blog….

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