Happy Fathers Day!

Gave my Dad a call this evening.  They are busy gardening and are in the middle of “Strawberry Season”.  They hand pick the strawberries and can sell all they can pick.  Each year they could easily take orders for twice as many berries as they produce.

Sent him a nice gift basket from the Made in Oregon store with tasty things made in the state like Salmon, Chocolate, Cheese, Crackers and so on.  I like the Oregon store – they have one in the Lloyd Center Mall – I like to stop in and pick up some candy now and then…

Had a very busy weekend.  On Friday evening I was scheduled to volunteer at the Portland Pride Festival from 5:30 pm until 9:30pm.  Had to hustle to get downtown after getting out of work at 4:00pm.  Quickly went home, changed out of work clothes and then drove the Jeep to the Max station and took the train downtown.  The train ended up being delayed at the Lloyd Center stop because the train in front of it had “hit someone”.  It turned out the accident was not fatal….  I ended up walking down two more stops and hopped on the yellow line train that took me across the river and downtown….

The Pride Fest was kinda boring on Friday evening – it was just open for a “dance party” that started at 6:00pm and ended at 10:00pm…  I spent most of the time chatting with people and looking busy.  At first they had me handing out programs with 10 other people at the front gate – then I was moved to the tables selling t-shirts towards the back.  At 9:30pm was asked to stay until 10:00pm to move tables around and help hurd people out…


Start of the dance party... not too exciting


Party took off once the sun set


Was not too crazy about taking the Max train at night, but it was fine.  They had security at most of the stations and wandering around most cars.  Would not have wanted to be out much later…. but it worked out fine for me.

Then Saturday morning I was scheduled to volunteer at the garden project at work.  A group of bank employees are working on converting two old outside volleyball courts into a garden.  The produce grown will be donated to the local food bank.  This is a somewhat common thing in the Portland area.  Other large companies like Intel do similar garden projects.


Old vollyball courts that will become a garden


It was raining and I decided to go into work so John could do one of his final exams.  I pulled in and saw people out in the rain working in the garden – so joined them.  I spent the next three hours shoveling compost into wheel barrows.  The compost is being used to build up rows to plant in.  It was alot of work – especially out in the drizzly rain.  The more it rained, the heavier the compost became.  Will post pictures of garden showing progress tomorrow…

Then this morning took the MAX back downtown to walk in the Pride Parade with other GLBT employees from the bank I work at.  Was there by 10:30am and the parade started at 11:30am.  It took another 30 mintues for the parade to progress enough for us to start walking.  My job was to hold the banner in front of our group with another person.  Parade was fun – was amazing to see the crowds of people lining the streets.  The parade had 115 official entries – along with individuals who “crash” the parade.  We had a parade crasher in front of us – was an older lady dressed up in a blue and yellow outfit that was oddly reminiscent to Batman.  She was riding an electric scooter that was decorated with cardboard cutouts and plastic yellow molds all painted blue and yellow to match.   It was amazing to see the crowds go crazy over her – we had to stop many times to allow people to photograph her and shout encouragement.  She definitely was helping to keep Portland Weird.


Waiting for parade to start - "Batman Lady" is in lower right corner of pic in blue and yellow costume


Group I walked with...


Some had more Pride then others... :)


Nice Kilt!


After the parade I decided I had enough gay pride stuff, and John texted me that he had finished the exam he was taking – so just headed back home.

Spent the remainder of the afternoon getting laundry done and then going out to eat.  We went to Heidi’s of Gresham.  I like Heidi’s more then John does – it reminds me of a tacky Wisconsin supper club and would be right at home in Sturgeon Bay, WI.  The waitresses wear brown traditional Germain outfits and several wished us a happy Father’s Day.  Was not going into the whole thing about not having children and just thanked them.  John had their German sausage plate and I had their steak and razor clam special.  Not sure I’m big into the razor clam thing, it was interesting…. kinda chewy but not unpleasant being breaded and pan fried.

Now I’m tired and sore from standing at the Pride Fest on Friday Night, shoveling compost on Saturday morning and walking in the parade today…..  This morning we purchased a Marion-berry pie from Shari’s  – so planning on having slice of pic – watch some TV and fall asleep on the couch… hoping John will carry me to bed… like my Dad used to do long ago…

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