Had an ok day at work – attended two meetings to go over my relocation and to go over the new testing procedures that are being put in place for us. Nothing overly exciting…

After work I went to the gym and did tread mill for 30 minutes – the gym was not very busy so it was enjoyable. I weighed myself for the first time in a month and I’m down 6 lbs.

For supper I went to the Central Illinois Geocaching Association “Pizza Meet and Eat” at Monicals Pizza. It was an enjoyable evening – I had their thin crust pizza and it was one of the better thin crust pizza’s I’ve had in a long time. I got to meet around 20 of the local geocachers which was fun. I got to ask several of them questions about the caches I have not been able to find and talk about some of the more interesting geocaches in the area. I joined the Central Illinois Geocachers Association so I can attend their future meetings and etc… I also got to check out other member’s geo-coins, travel bugs and a quilt that features names of geocachers that the lady had meet. It was basically a big geek-fest reminiscent to going to a ham fest so I fit right in. At least you don’t need to pass a FCC test before you can operate a GPS unit…. John did not go so I make sure to bring him some pizza home – he seemed to appreciate it.

I will need to make sure to go geocaching during the July 4th camping trip at Comlaura State Park – there are quite a few different ones in the park. One of them is on an island where you need to use a boat to access it.

I hope to be able to spend some time geocaching tomorrow night after work….

After I get this blog posting done I will practice Morse code for 15 minutes or so and then fall asleep reading the ham radio exam book…..

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