I’m a dirty boy…

Spent four hours working with other volunteers putting in the garden at work.  Tonight we had a dozen people working on two main projects – building rows of compost to plant in and building a chicken wire fence to keep the bunnies out.  I spent the evening shoveling compost into wheelbarrows for other to haul off and make rows out of.


Shoveling compost... (fancy cow shit)


Pic of garden about 1/2 through the night

Most have loaded at least 100 wheel barrows full tonight… had three guys running the wheel barrows – so filled one up, waited a few minutes for next empty one to arrive and repeat.  Not much fun, but needs to be done…

Last night had first ice skating lesson in two weeks.  Felt good to be back on the ice, but my feet started to hurt about 10 minutes into the lesson.  Was able to work through it and by the end they felt fine…  not sure what causes that… one theory I have is that I need to wear thicker socks with more cushioning.  Was wearing regular white socks because they go better with shorts…  Stayed and skated for an extra hour after the lesson was done.  Came home and enjoyed the last slice of the Marionberry pie from Sharis’s with ice cream on top… was delish!!

John had been having a nice break from school.  His final exams are all done – so now he can just stew about he well he did or didn’t do on the exams.  He has the grading all worked and knows exactly how many points he needs to get A’s in each class.  It will be at least another week before he knows his final grades….

We finally made some plans for the three day Fourth of July weekend – we are going to a campground in Lincoln City, OR.  Lincoln City is another resort community along the coast – will probably take us 90 minutes to drive there.  It is quite a bit larger then Seaside, OR – so hope we enjoy it.  Asked coworkers about going there and they said it is a great place to party and have fires on the beach.  One said that most weekends there are so many bon fires that you have to walk away from the beach to catch your breath.

I’ve been watching the Finding Bigfoot show on Animal Planet – so I want to go on some nature walks to see if a “Squatch” walks across the path in front of us.  Checked the BFRO website and there is only one siting reported in Lincoln County – it’s an interesting read.  John says there is no such thing as Bigfoot and makes fun of me while I watch the show…. Oh well….  he has less then kind things to say about most of the TV shows I enjoy…

Well, it’s past 10:00pm so need to get to bed for another exciting day in the great Northwest….


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