We had a routine weekend – nothing too exciting going on.

On Friday evening we meet Perry and Doug at Seamus McDaniels for supper. We had never been there before, but Doug wanted to try it out. They are known for their large hamburgers and onion rings. They were very busy, but we did get a table right away.. probably lucky…. We had a waiter who just did not have it together and seemed overwhelmed by how busy they were … so service was slow…. it took close to 30 minutes by the time we received our drinks and got our order in. When the food arrived, it was ok…. it was big…. I had a buffalo chicken sandwich that had lots of zip to it and was very sloppy to eat… the waiter dropped my onion rings in the kitchen and brought them out a few minutes later… oh well…. I had one of John’s… I think this would be a good place to go to during the week when they are not so busy….

John went to breakfast with Perry and Rich S., while I stayed home and slept in a bit. I was a bit drained so sleeping until I was done felt really good….

On Saturday John decided to take the interior skylight down above the shower to investigate some spots he noticed on it. We were worried that it was mold growing and wanted to take care of it before it did any damage. The interior part of the skylight was held in place by some screws that were covered by little plastic protectors. Once removed, John discovered that the spots were not mold, but glue that had seeped out of some joints when the motor home was made. John then used a little white spray paint over the glue so he will not notice them anymore. Everything is back together now and it looks like new….

I did seven loads of laundry on Saturday morning. I got some dirty looks by some amature RV’ers because when I emptied out the first four loads of laundry, I then put three more in right away. They were not around when I did this, but when I went to get the first round out of the dryers and to get the last three loads moved from the washer to the dryer, the were in the laundry room glaring at me and talking to each other about how they will not have enough time to do their own laundry. I assume they needed to be done by noon – the check out time…. oh well… I then proceeded to fold my undies – making sure they saw my exotic Hello Kitty thongs and other assorted dainties while humming “I’m Coming Out”…. they did not stick around long 😉

Then Saturday afternoon we went over to the Super Walmart in Collinsville, IL to get a few items and groceries. John first got his hair cut at one of the hair places in the strip mall around Walmart. While waiting to get his cut, we walked over to Game Stop and checked out their selection of used video games for the XBOX 360. This place is a trap and I always end up picking out something to play.. .this time John did. He picked out a Star Treck game – Star Trek Legacy. I read the game manual while John got his do done, then we headed over to Wally World. The store was busy, but we managed to find everything we went for, and then some. We ended up getting $200.00 worth of nothing….. but we had not been grocery shopping in 2 weeks and needed lots of staples and etc….

We stayed in on Saturday evening – John prepared some really good breaded pork chops with a raspberry reduction over top of them – very yummy. We then both played video games. I’m not sure how impressed John is with the Star Trek games – he seems to be getting a bit irritated with it…. I’m still playing StarCraft. I only have a few more levels to go before I have the entire campaign completed…. perhaps sometime this week….

Today I slept in again while John went to breakfast. Saturday’s sleeping in had gone so well that I decided to do it again. No regrets. The weather was very erratic – it would be stormy for awhile and then clear off and be nice for awhile. It kept doing this until around 3:00 this afternoon when it cleared off and stayed that way. We stayed inside, played video games, watched TV and did inside stuff. We went to supper with Perry and Paul B. at Michael’s – a greek restaurant. We had been here before and it is good. They have good Gyros…

Tonight I sat outside and read for an hour, before I started to get sprinkled on.. then went in and played StarCraft some more and get myself mentally prepared for another week at work….

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