I slept in until 8:45am today – it felt good to sleep in….

I then did laundry and cleaned/organized the trailer.

Meet John for lunch – as a joke he asked me to purchase a Polly Pocket toy and have his coworker, Tim, ring it up. So I did – Tim kept a straight face – even when I asked if they carry any Chipendale’s air fresheners…. I got the “Lila Swims in the Sea” Polly Pocket – it makes a nice companion for the one that Rich and Lloyd gave me for my birthday last year… Now I can mix and match clothes and shoes…. 😉

Starting at 3:00pm I went geocaching – I went to 5 different caches that were marked as containing “Travel Bugs”. I found all five of them – two were dropped off at other caches all ready, and I still have three more to drop off. Travel Bugs are special tags that have an identification number on them. The owner of the tag places it and specifies where they want the tag to end up. Each person who finds a travel bug then drops it off at another cache that is a bit closer to where it needs to end up at.

Of of the Travel Bugs I picked up started in Colorado, made it to Disney’s Animal Kingdom and is now making it back to Ft. Collins, CO. You can see where it has been by looking at this link. . I find it amazing how far these travel bugs make it…

I brought my computer along while geocaching for the first time today. It came in handy because I was able to log the caches and travel bugs that I found right away. I was then able to place the travel bugs in different caches without having to go home and record them first…

We will be getting up early tomorrow to make it to the train station by 7:00am and get our tickets and etc. We paid for the tickets online already, we just need to pick them up. I can’t imagine the Bloomington/Normal train station is very busy on a Sunday morning. It will be interesting to see how many other GLBT people will also be on the train.

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