I got all settled in at my new desk at CIBER. Everything went fine, except for a software update to Windows that State Farm pushed out. It took over three hours for this update to be applied. I was able to use the computer, but every 15 minutes or so Windows would close all of my applications and then reboot. This happened 5 times and was very irritating. For lunch I went to the “burrito as big as your head” Mexican restaurant and had a small chicken burrito and a side of beans and rice. Tonight I paid the price for having the extra hot sauce on it….

After supper I went geocaching – found the cache I was looking for and dropped off one of the travel bugs I picked up over the weekend. I have two more travel bugs left to drop off – they both need to go west. I will spend time looking on www.geocaching.com to find some caches I can go to that are west of Bloomington. I’m now up to 54 caches found.

I then stopped by the Normal, IL library and picked up the “Ham Radio for Dummies” book that I ordered via inter-library loan.

John purchased a different ham radio on ebay that we will install in the trailer. This will give me good incentive to study and pass the ham radio exam. Here is a nice message in Morse Code:

.— — …. -. …. .- …. .- -. .. -.-. . … — .. .-.. . .-.-.-

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