Hello all John here.


Craig, Derek, Mark and John

Mark & Craig’s visit went well. They spent most of the day doing tourist stuff while Derek was at work, and I was assisting at the park. They are great couple, and hopefully will become great friends of ours, as we certainly enjoyed their company. Last night we had a late dinner at Vito’s, which was the first time we have been there. It was a nice Italian place, I had the beef tortellini, which was excellent, and Derek the seafood ravioli. We then returned to say goodbye, since they planned to take off early this AM.

Mark & Craig are en-route to Hannibal from here, and then on to a tour of the midwest. Sounds like an awesome trip. It would be nice if our paths cross again.

Not a whole lot going on here, but I did get some disturbing news from the internet… With all the talk of Marriage in CA in the news I did some interesting research. Now, just to clarify my feelings on Gay Marriage, I really don’t need a ceremony or document to prove my love or relationship with Derek, however I do desire the legal rights, and if it were conducive to those things we would be investigating that possibility. Right now we are Wisconsin Residents, and for the time being will remain that way for a number of reasons. If we change residency I would be inclined to do so for tax advantage, and unfortunately, California isn’t on the short list. At this point, I really applaud all those who are following through with their commitments and ceremonies, however until it is federally recognized, or at least the states are equally forced to recognize a marriage from another state as valid, I really don’t see the point. In any case it is a total mute point, if we decide to remain Wisconsin Residents. Seems that great amendment that I got so excited about in the last election (2006) that outlawed any domestic partnership or marriage other than that of one between a Man and a Woman, also imposed some “penalties” to the citizens of Wisconsin if the seek marriage in a state other than Wisconsin. So, that would mean we would actually face criminal charges, with a penalty of up to $3000.00 and/or 9 months in prison, each. Now, how god-damn stupid is that?

Moving on, the park is ramping up for the big Shriner’s Convention coming to town. So far the ones who have made it to the park have been classic ass-clowns, and clearly have done nothing but drive those little cars most of their adult life, because none of them can drive an RV, let alone back one up. One particular camper I spent almost an hour trying to get parked yesterday. It was a total circus, and to make matters worse he refused to listen or watch my instructions, and continuously questioned my commands with snide comments. He is fortunate that I didn’t own the park, I would have certainly told him to leave. The situation became almost amusing when I found out I took his reservation and told him we were full, but he insisted on being put on the waiting list and took the first available site. If you can’t drive, go get some damn training, or at least listen to those that are trying to help you. I don’t want to see you hit anything, cause damage to your rig, but mostly, I don’t you to damage something that I will have to dig up to repair.

That’s all I got. Have a good day.


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