Work was fine – nothing too exciting. I went Geocaching again tonight and found another cache. I had to hike .6 miles to and from the cache in the woods so I got some good exercise…. The cache was not large enough for me to leave one of the travel bugs in, like I hoped to do. I attempted to find a 2nd cache that was close by, but it got too dark to continue searching for it… I will try again over the weekend…

Scott Hicks will be camping close to Normal, IL tomorrow so I plan seeing him tomorrow night – probably have supper together.

I received “This is the Army” (1943) on DVD from BarterBee– this is the version that stars a young Ronald Reagan. I find it fun to watch – there is some hottie army boys, several drag numbers, lots of dancing army dudes and a very silly plot. It even has Kate Smith singing “God Bless America”.. A nice patriotic movie to watch close to the 4th of July.

I checked the number of visitors to this blog and so far this month it is up to 10,027 – this is over double what I usually have…. not sure why the upswing in visitors – but not complaining….

I’m looking forward the the July 4th weekend and camping with everyone out at the county park – hope we have good weather…

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