Greetings from the Portland Fairview RV park.

Been having a busy week at work.  Have three projects that are estimated to take 600 hours that I need to get started on.  Trying to get two smaller projects completed before I start anything new….  I like being busy and having lots to do… so no complaints… just need to keep steadily working along…

Today was my managers last day of work due to retirement.  Will miss working with him on projects and issues.  He has a fifth wheel and would frequently chat about camping.  He is going on some long camping trips in the next few months to celebrate being retired.  Hope he checks in with the blog now and then – would like to hear how his trips are going.  Yesterday I went together with two other Portland employees in our group to get him a singing telegram.  We had a guitar playing chicken arrive and deliver a happy retirement song for him.  Booked the chicken from Sing A Song Telegram.  Received good reports about the chicken’s performance.

Spent the last hour of work tonight volunteering at the food bank garden.  The bank gives everyone 8 hours that they can use for volunteer activities – so used one of them up today planting a few dozen tomato and pepper plants.  So far the garden looks good – no major rabbit or bug problems yet.  The damp drizzly weather the past few days has helped keep the soil moist.

John picked me up at work and we had supper together at Subway.  Like their buffalo chicken on flatbread sandwich – nice and tangy, but wish they had some blue cheese crumbles for it.  Went on my regular bike ride this evening and noticed the park is really starting to fill up for the weekend.  The top section is around 90% full and the rest of the park is at 75%.  The park gets lots of high dollar MoHo’s – lots of newer Monaco, Country Coach and Newell’s abound.  Would not be surprised that it would be near capacity by this time tomorrow evening.  We will be long gone by then..

After bike ride went and did laundry.  Only had three loads so was easy to get done.  Sat in the laundry room and practiced morse code (CW) while waiting for the cycles to complete.  The code is going well.  Have most of the alphabet down along with some punctuation and numbers.  .— — …. -.    …. .- …    .-    -. .. -.-. .    … — .. .-.. . .-.-.-

John finally received the grades for this final exams.  He received A’s for all of his classes – so after his first semester he is a straight A student….  Yeah John!  His next classes start up next week.  He is taking two classes – statistics and then a databases for business class where he learns more about using Microsoft Access.

Tomorrow John will drop me off at work then go home and get the MoHo ready for the trip to Lincoln City.  We could have put the slide in tonight and get the inside stuff stowed away, but he said that he will just do it tomorrow while I’m at work.

Not much else going on.  Going to organize a pile of junk on the kitchen table, watch some TV and get mentally prepared for work tomorrow….

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