A big Happy Birthday to John today. ¬†The world became a better place 41 years ago ūüôā Unfortunately he is spending it being sick on an uncomfortable Amtrak train heading back home. ¬†We will arrive in Kansas City tomorrow morning.

I had a pretty wretched evening trying to sleep in my coach seat. ¬†Would get comfortable with my ear plugs in and sleeping mask over my eyes, until… My back started hurting, my arm would start to go numb, people next to us started talking loudly at 1:00am for 20 minutes, guy behind me started to snore, my lower back hurts more now, then we stop at a¬†train station where large group of people de-trained, then another group got on, then just not comfortable at all – figit around and then I finally got adjusted and slept from 3:30am to 6:00am. ¬†Better then nothing. ¬†Sigh….

Today I found that if I unbuckle my belt it makes my lower back feel better. ¬†Would love to change out of my jeans and into some comfy shorts but the bathroom floors are way to sticky, stinky and gross to attempt it. ¬†I’ve seen things in the bathrooms that I’m having a hard time forgetting.

The plus side is that the scenery is pretty – lots of rugged dessert with a dusting of brite white snow. Will be arriving in Albuquerque, NM in 30 minutes. Looking forward to seeing a gymnastics team de-train. ¬†They have been annoying like freshman college girls…. ūüôā


The weather forecast is calling for snow in Kansas City and Des Moines. ¬†Hoping we don’t behave to much trouble driving the last leg home…

Happy Birthday, John!


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