Greetings from another great weekend in Portland…

The weather is just perfect… Temps in the upper 70’s, with clear blue skies and a nice cool breeze… I call this “San Diego Weather”…..

On Friday night went an played Bingo here in the RV park. Had a very lucky night – won the last four games and a “booby prize” of a multi-bit screwdriver from Dollar Store… Ended up going home with $18.00… Was only a dozen people playing…. After playing the recreation director asked if I wanted to join him and another couple in a bike ride from Gresham to downtown Portland via the network of bike trails on Saturday morning at 8:30am. Sounded like fun so agreed to it…

So on Saturday morning John got our bikes secured on the back of the Jeep and tagged along. We drove to the bike trail in Gresham (5 miles away in heavy traffic) and off we went. Ended up having a group of 6 (including us). The bike ride was around 15 miles and took us through some pretty scenery, neat little neighborhoods and then to the west of downtown Portland on the other side of the river by the OMSI science museum.


Stopped for a break...


We then started to bike across the bride to downtown and the alarm sounded and the gates came down – part of the bridge was raising up to allow a boat to pass. Was neat being on the bride watching it occur…


Waiting for boat to pass bridge


View of downtown Portland from the bridge..


Only took 10 minutes and then we were on our way again and in short time we were on the water front heading to the “Saturday Market”.

By this time we were hungry and tired, so we locked the bikes up together and then split up to find something to eat and then meet back at the bikes an hour later. The market was very busy and there was some long lines at the more popular food vendors. I went with a plate of MoMo that had a side of salad and cucumbers. Was quite tasty. I then purchased two “micro-kites” for a guy selling them. They are made out of tissue paper, small slivers of bamboo and thread for the kite string. They kites are just 4 inches by 3 inches and kinda cute. Purchased two of them for $5.00…. not too bad… Enjoyed playing with it in the breeze along the river while waiting for the others to return.


View of Saturday Market

Once everyone meet back at the bikes we headed over to the Max station, purchased tickets and waited for the blue line train to arrive. Some members of our group had not been on the Max trains before so John helped them work the ticket machines and etc. We were all successful at getting on with our bikes in semi crowded trains cars.


Waiting for the blue line train to arrive...


The trip back took about 40 minutes but the crowd thinned out a little at each stop. We then managed to all get off at the correct stop at the Gresham City Hall. Next we hopped back on our bikes and rode another 1/2 mile to where our cars were parked. We all made it back in one piece… yeah!!

Once we got home, John had me get the bikes off the Jeep with the bike carrier and get everything put away.. My next stop was for a short nap on the couch… was not like completely exhausted, but once I laid down for just a minute… I dozed right off for a lovely nap…. John woke me up around 6:00pm – he wanted to go our for supper. So we went to a local Godfather’s and enjoyed salad bar and a medium sausage pizza. Hit the spot!

This morning it was my turn to help water the food bank garden at work. I needed to get my part completed by 9:30am – so we stopped by on the way to breakfast. It took me around 15 minutes to get the hoses out and to hand water the vine crops, beans and some tomato plants. Once done we headed off the Shari’s for our usual breakfasts. When we returned home I decided to clean our bicycles off. Got bucket of soapy water and a microfiber cloth out and went at it. The main place dirt was collecting was the bottom side of the fenders, but there was a layer of “road grime” on most of it. They now look like new again…

This afternoon I went back to the food bank garden with a ladder and worked reconfiguring the old volley ball nets so pole beans will grown on them. Took the old net down and re-purposed them for the beans to grow on. Took me about an hour to get the old hardware unfastened and then everything put back together.


Food bank garden - Tomato plants need cages soon...


Tonight the campground had a pot-luck dinner. The campground supplied chicken from El Pollo Loco and everyone brought a dish to pass. We brought the corn casserole again by popular demand. We received lots of compliments on it… “It’s sooo goood!! Now, which one of you made it…..” 🙂 I did this time…. They had a nice turn out and a nice variety of food. The chicken was as good as expected… was very moist and flavorful. Yum, yum and yummy!

After supper I sat outside on lawn chair, enjoyed the great weather, played game on John’s iPad and watched the sun set. Attempted to fly one of the micro kites, but there was not quite enough breeze… It would fly for a few minutes and then go down….


Pretty hydrangea bush just starting to bloom. We've been watering it...

That’s it for our exciting weekend… was a really fun weekend… now just relaxing, watching TV and getting ready for the upcoming work week…..

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