Greetings from an overcast day in Oregon…

Weather has been mostly dry with little rain now and then and temps in the lower 70s’. ¬†The forcast for the weekend is now calling for rain on Saturday ūüôĀ

Perhaps we will endure the rain by seeing the last Harry Potter movie. ¬†John is more of a fan of the Harry Potter flicks, but have seen them all. ¬†Will be interesting to see how it ends… ¬†Could Google it and find out, but like going to movies where I know nothing about the plot…. ¬†Don’t like watching movie trailers becuase they show you all of the best parts so seeing the movie is like deja vu (and not the drag queen).

Work continues to be very busy. ¬†Still hoping to have one of the projects wrapped up tomorrow.. at least done enough for testing to start. ¬†Received a phone call at 7:00am this morning about one of the program changes that went into production not working. ¬†Never did find out what went wrong – they had another developer work on it… so believe it was something minor to fix… ¬†Spent 1/2 of the day in conference call meetings going over weekly status updates and various project updates. ¬†A few of the phone calls were boring because I’m a very small part of several larger projects – but still have to listen to entire call just in case they ask me a question about my part.

John had supper ready when I got home – a sausage pizza. ¬†He prepared it himself using a pre-made pizza crust. ¬†Turned out tasty and was a easy meal to clean up after because we dined on our finest paper plates…

Going back to work in a few minutes to do a few things in the food bank garden. ¬†Need to adjust one of “volleyball net” bean trellises so the bottom is closer to the plants. ¬†Think I can lower it, then fan out the lower part to the plants that are about a foot away. ¬†Going to try and not get all dirty because heading downtown to ice skater directly afterwards.

John has an online lecture to listen to at 7pm and asked that I “go find something to do” so he can concentrate.

He received his eye glasses today and he looks quite handsome with them on. ¬†He refuses to let me take a picture and post it. ¬†“No! Put your camera away” Gingers can be so stubborn ūüėČ

Not much else going on… ¬† Need to play with Prince for a few mintues, change into shorts and head off to garden and ice skate… ¬†Looks like the sun is coming out for a bit…

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