Yesterday we went to Charlotte, NC to visit with Jim and Barb. The trip took us about 90 minutes each way and was easy driving. It was nice to spend time hanging out and talking with them. We went out to eat at Red Lobster and then meet their son and new daughter-in-law – they were married a week earlier and are just starting their life together.

Jim & Barb have been full-timing for the past 7 years, and just love the lifestyle. They are native to the Bloomington, IL area, where we met them during our time there. They have a knack for finding these cool little parking spots like Bloomington, and the place they are staying in North Carolina. Jim was is a retired teamster, so I had a lot to talk with him about initially… and Barb is a very outgoing person who loves to share her point of view on life! They were great neighbors in Bloomington. It was awesome to spend some time with them, and hope our paths cross again soon!


Barb, Derek & Jim

Here is a picture of us:

I’m not sure what we will be doing today. It has just started to rain and is overcast and dreary out. Probably do stuff around the motor home, do laundry and check out the flea market, if the weather cooperates.

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