Greetings from another calm evening in Milwaukee….

Last evening I was invited over to Todd and Roger’s place for supper. They live in a cool older neighborhood in the Brewer’s Hill part of Milwaukee – north part of downtown. They prepared a delicious meal that included swordfish on the grill. Don’t think I’ve had swordfish before – it was really good – liked how it was quite meaty and not fishy… It was a fun evening sitting around the table and chatting away over a few bottles of yummy white wine. They had recently went to San Francisco, CA – so got to hear about their adventures out West… I made it home by 9:45pm – just a few minutes before it started to storm….

I’m hoping my gout does not come back as a result of enjoying some wine… my current theory is that wine is different from beer – so it will not cause my uric acid to elevate… I know that beer will cause the gout to come back – but will have to wait and see with the wine… So far so good..

Last night we had a really nasty storm come through. There were thunderstorm and tornado watches out all over the place and I could see why. Had lots of rain and wind. The RV park sloped downhill a bit and we are at the lower part of the parking lot. As a result of all the rain water coming down towards us – our door mat was washed away… I found it 8 feet away sitting against some poles. Our mat is made out of heavy plastic cord that is woven together – not exactly light… So there must have been at least 6 inches of water at one point – probably more…. On the way to work this morning there was several large limbs on the frontage road – more proof that the storm was really nasty….

Work is going fine. The very first large project I worked on is still in the process of being tested. It seems like the testers are getting more into “office politics” this week – they make sure several managers know when they find something wrong… they have not done this in the past… so trying to figure out their motivation… Have a process in place from them to record any bugs they find and then I work on fixing them…. but it seems like they are getting bored with the process….

Not much else going on… gym was good… did level 2 on the intermediate setting… my legs can really feel it… did not tan… will probably tan again tomorrow evening…. John was home when I arrive back at the MoHo – it was nice to see him get home a bit earlier then normal….

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