Howdy from Carrollton, TX….

It’s another scorcher outside today… the Subaru said it was 107° outside on the way home at 5:15pm…. I do think it is a bit drier heat then it has been… but not helping much…

My commute to and from work continues to average 15 minutes each way… Tonight traffic was a bit more backed up then normal, but did not go slower then 30 mph… I take the “Presidential Route home” – the Lyndon B Johnson Freeway to the President George Bush Turnpike. It is interesting that the LBJ (Democrat) is free, but the George Bush (Republican) is a toll road. 😉

I didn’t have much to do with the purchase of the Jeep. I was at work on Monday and John called me from the dealership telling me that he test drove the Jeep Liberty and liked it – then had to go because the salesman was coming up… I knew right then that John was going to want to buy it… so was little surprise when an hour later he called and asked me what time I could be at the dealership by to sign the paperwork… The paperwork did not go as smooth as John let on… the salesman was not very good at his job and had to constantly go to various offices to figure out what he needed to do. I give the dealership some credit – they did not seem to have any problem with “the two homo’s buying a Jeep“… Everything worked out fine in the end and we got a decent terms on the loan and etc…. The loan will be with the same bank we have the Subaru loan through. I have one payment left on the Subaru – Yeah!! The Jeep loan payment is about the same as the payment was on the Subaru – so should work out “just fine“.

John spent most of the day working on installing his Azden 2 meter ham radio in the Jeep. The Azden is what he had installed in the truck and is a good general use radio. I remember riding in his old truck before I got into ham radio asking him about the Azden radio and how it worked. He would explain to me how he would connect to repeaters and towers… I never really did catch on until I became a ham myself. He takes the Jeep in next week to have the front bumper, hitch, hibachi grill, ice cream maker and warm lube dispenser installed. John has always enjoyed accessorizing his possessions…. 😉

My entire work week has been all about providing support and fixing problems. I’m not doing any “real programming” because my large project is on hold right now until management gets their shit together. I’m also starting to get pulled into the migration project of Louts Notes 6.5 to Louts Notes 8.5. I need to test and update some major Notes applications so they work properly with Notes 8.5… not very exciting but needs to get done…


Vibram Five Fingers Shoes

I have found a really cool pair of shoes that I want to get – Vibram Five Finger shoes with toes:

I’ve always had a borderline shoe fetish – so maybe getting these would put me over the top… They just look cool ( or super dorky ? – I can’t tell ) and comfortable. They come in several different colors and style – I might just have to go for it and listen to John complain about them…. that’s half the fun.. I found an entire blog dedicated to the topic of the Vibram shoes – it is called Birthday Shoes.

I have also found another blog that I enjoy – it is called Lifehacker, tips and downloads for getting things done It is full of geeky projects and helpful information. I like the LED Sun Jar project – think the jars would look cool outside the MoHo by the front door… Another interesting article on Lifehacker is “Hang a Damp Towel to Cool a Hot House” – we should try it…


We do have room to put our awning out - with inches to spare...

Not much else going on. I need to work on programming for a few hours yet tonight…. As promised – here’s a few more pictures of the RV park:


One of the rows of RV's next to us..


They have room for a Patio - just build it around the tree....


Another row of RV's in the park

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