Howdy from Carrollton, TX….

Last evening we had some sort of front come through with some wind and rain. We had the shade awnings out on the back bedroom windows and they made a vibrating noise from the wind while we were sleeping – so John went out and put them in…. I like John…. he’s nice…

Today the temps were a bit cooler – high of only 96 ° – but rain is forecast for later tonight and tomorrow morning. It should help to cool things off…. I hope….

John meet me at a Sweet Tomatoes that is not far from where I work for lunch. It is a treat to meet up with John – he makes for a nice dinner date. I didn’t think he would like it – I explained it to him as “It’s like Golden Corral for uppity Suburbanites… it’s mostly vegetarian…“. He ended up liking it. I like it because I get a craving for salad type food now and then… After were were done eating he said there was lots of other items on the various buffet lines that he would like to try another time….

My work day went by quickly. I had a meeting with my manager – he told me that I’m doing a good job, we talked about some upcoming projects and told me that they expect to have enough work/money to keep me around until at least next January. Being employed is good…. so I was in a good mood the rest of the day… better then being told that I suck and to find the nearest box for my stuff.. Consulting tip #14 – always keep enough boxes under your desk to hold all of your stuff… never know when you will need them next… 😉

After our dinner date, John went off to a Super Walmart to get a few things for the Jeep and get some grocery shopping done. He picked out some seat and steering wheel covers along with a Hello Kitty air fresher that smells like bubble gum… I’ve not seen what he’s picked out yet – so can’t pass judgment…. John generally has good taste in picking out stuff that matches…

I got done with work at 4:00pm and made it home in the usual 15 minutes (it’s nice saying that). There were not many people around after 1:00pm – only consultants……. We dined out quite a bit this week – so John made supper at home. He prepared one of his signature dishes – Beef Stroganoff … I gave it 3.5 stars out of 5 because he was out of cooking sherry and the beef was a bit tough. The beef was stew meat that we had in the fridge since Quartzsite… so was good to use it up. It still hit the spot and we have some left over for tomorrow…

On August 3rd, 2009 the State of Wisconsin will begin recognize domestic partnerships. The Wikipedia article on this says that:

“Domestic partnerships in Wisconsin provide many rights, such as the ability to inherit a partner’s estate in the absence of a will, hospital visitation, and the ability to access family medical leave to care for a sick partner. A domestic partnership can be registered at the county level, with couples having to sign a legal declaration of their commitment. To be eligible for a domestic partnership, two individuals must be of the same sex, both be at least 18 years old, share a common residence, not be nearer of kin than second cousins, and neither party can be married or in another domestic partnership with anyone else.”

The domestic partnerships fall way short of full marriage, but they do provide some protections and benefits that would take considerable time, effort and money to obtain through other legal channels. We will probably plan a trip to Wisconsin in the next few months to get our partnership registered. We thought about me taking a week off of work and driving the MoHo with the Jeep in tow up and back, and we still might, but would cost us around $750 for diesel fuel and much more in my lost wages… We will probably fly up to Milwaukee or Madison or Green Bay and make a three day weekend of it.

Tomorrow we plan on waxing the Jeep and Subaru – weather permitting. Our plan is to do the waxing first thing in the morning before it gets too hot, but forecast is calling for rain… might have to wait until Sunday morning… John also wants to see the new Harry Potter movie – Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince – so we will probably do that. I also have to get laundry done – there’s lots of it since we are a bit off schedule with our trip last weekend. There is a park close to the rv park that I want to check out and see if they have any nice, shaded walking trails. I want to get back into the habit of going for a walk each evening, but I don’t like walking around the campground because it is boring and I have to keep walking around in circles to get any type of a workout…..

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