Greetings from a humid rainy day in Portland…

Weather remains crappy – it was overcast with occasional rain all weekend and again today.  Got out of work at 4:30pm today and it started to rain really hard just as I got 10 feet out the door.  It was waiting for me 🙁

On Saturday we went and watched the last Harry Potter movie – The Deathly Hollows – Part 2.  It picked up right where the last movie left off.  We sat in the very front row of the theater and was surprised at how well the 3D effects worked at close range.  The theater seats comfortably reclined back – so was able watch without too much neck strain.  Was nice not having people in front of us (in a very full theater) and having room to stretch out.  The movie meet my expectations and thought it had a nice ending.  Will not ruin it by saying more.  Looking back at all of the movies in the series, believe the best part of it is that all of the core characters were played by the same actors all the way through.  Thought this was quite a feat for a series that took 10 years to complete.  Once the last DVD is released, would be fun to spend a weekend watching them all back to back…

After the movie John let me go ice skating for a bit since we were across the street from the mall.  The rink was very busy with lots of children who didn’t know how to skate.  They kept falling down all around me, while they “hugged the wall”.  I almost ran over a little Asian girl who fell in a puddle of water in front of me and was crying.  I had to do a sudden hockey stop and ended up spraying ice water in her face…  🙁  I then helped the poor thing up and off the ice to her parents.  Despite all this drama and crowded conditions was able to practice doing backwards crossovers and did a few that were in the realm of being correct.

On Saturday evening I went to another Wine and Cheese event here at the park.  You bring a bottle of wine to share and the park supplies cheese and other nibbly things (Sweetie!).  Then 30 minutes into the event they start karaoke.  They have a puzzle in the club house that I like to work on, so stayed around and did puzzle while listening to various campers singing songs like “Love Shack”, “The Boots are Made for Walking”, “Out in the West Texas town of El Paso” and so on…  John did not attend – he conviently had homework.

Then Sunday evening we dined out at a place we had never been before – The Pink Feather.  Sounds like a strip club, but it is kinda like a supper club – restaurant with attached lounge.  We had a $25.00 off coupon for it if we spend $35.00 or more.  What sets this place apart is their decor – it is tacky 70’s brown paneling and decor with pink upholstery on the funky booths and chairs.  It’s quite a site – here’s a small picture of the interior I found on the web:

The Pink Feather

The food turned out to be quite good.  John had one of the better steaks he’s had while dining out since we’ve been in Portland.  I enjoyed a very naughty plate of fried chicken.  It was almost as good as Hodak’s in St. Louis, but not quite.  The breading was missing something… perhaps pepper, but still quite tasty.  I always feel guilty when I use coupons that offer substantial savings.  The way I look at it is that they are offering a discount for us to give them a try.  We tried it, it was pretty good, would go back again sometime… especially to giggle at all the tacky stuff all around.

Today it was back to work and (as always) had a very busy day.  Good news is that one project I needed to have done enough for testing to start is done ahead of schedule.  I told them it would take me until Wednesday – so they were generally happy.  Still have two other major projects that will need lots of programming to be completed – so will need to continue the productivity through the week.

John still refuses to let me post a picture of him wearing his new glasses.  Not sure why, he looks quite handsome, intelligent and cute with them on.

Not much else going on – need to get going to ice skating lessons tonight…

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