Greetings from the “Booger-ville RV Park” in Carrollton, TX….

The park here is OK, but I’ve started to called it “Booger-ville” because most of the roads and park facilities are old and have been messed with in one way or another through the years… things are kinda in a state of being cobbled together – hince “Booger-ville”. The park does have good qualities – like being close to work, the grass is short, the landscaping is kept up and there is not much clutter around the various rv’s and trailers. They have a rule here that you are not allowed to store items outside or under your RV – and it appears that they actually enforce it.


Big hole to fix water pipe...

On Friday our water was turned off – found out that there was a problem with the water pipes a few sites down from us. They have a big hole dug to expose some pipes. John seemed happy to know that he does not work here…. digging holes is not his favorite activity ( bad memories of rv parks in St. Louis and Tampa where he worked).. Water was restored a few hours later… so no big deal… I had to use water from our tank to do the supper dishes…

On Saturday John got up and went right to work waxing the Jeep and Subaru. I asked if he wanted my assistance – while half asleep and still in bed – he said that my job was to get our large pile of laundry done. It was 10 days since I last done laundry so we were running of out stuff to wear. We really only have enough wardrobe options for 7 days… This is the first time I’ve done laundry in Boogerville, so was not sure what to expect. The laundry facilities are cruder then the KOA’s laundry facility. They have three laundry rooms here – two larger ones with 6 washers and 6 dryers and one smaller one with 3 and 3. The larger laundry room that is closest to me was empty so had no problem getting the 5 loads of laundry completed. The laundry room is not air conditioned, but there was a decent breeze coming through the open door…


laundry room...

On Saturday afternoon we sent to see Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince movie. Got got to the theater a bit early – so we grabbed a bite to eat at a What-A-Burger and then did some shopping at a Pep Boys Auto Parts store. John wanted to purchase a new cover for the Jeep’s spare tire. We found one, but while browsing the store I was amazed at how many Hello Kitty accessories they have:


Holographic Stickers


Seat Covers


License Plate frame


Floor Mats

John would not let me purchase anything….. so we left the store with a solid black wheel cover (boring) and air freshner that clips onto the AC vent. John put the cover on in the parking lot – yep it’s a black wheel cover and I put on the air freshener… does not really smell like anything yet…. maybe I did not follow the steps to install it properly?

Today we meet the RARA (Rainbow Amature Radio Association) guys for brunch at Angela’s Cafe. Now that we are closer to the Dallas area, it is easier to meet up with them for their weekly breakfasts on Sunday. Including us, six guys showed up. After eating we went to one of the ham’s house to see if anyone was on one of the RARA nets – the band was really crappy – so was not able to meet up with anyone on the airwaved… we ended up chatting using the internet for a bit…

This evening we are just hanging out watching TV, doing computer stuff and etc. I went for a walk around the park – not much going on – a few people were using the pool, but besides that the place is pretty much dead….

Time to start thinking about getting things ready for work in the morning for another exciting week of computer programming and etc…

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