Greetings from a warm, humid, feels like it is going to storm evening at the Wisconsin State Fair RV Park.

The park was really busy this past weekend – lots of RV’s coming and going at all hours. Tonight it seems much calmer – back down to the normal number of sites occupied. It also seemed like there were more older couples staying at the park then normal… perhaps there was an AARP convention in town? 🙂

John had to work on Saturday and then again on Sunday afternoon – so did not leave us much time to do much together. On Saturday evening we did go see the new movie Inception starring Leonardo DiCaprio. We saw it at the Mayfair Mall on their IMAX Digital screen. Going into the movie I was a bit concerned that it was two hours and thirty minutes long… I really liked it – interesting plot, cool special effects – lots of “how did they do that” types of action and imagery. It kept my attention and I was surprised how fast the movie went… was done before I knew it…

Then on Sunday morning John decided the time was right for us to upgrade our iPhone 3gs phones to iPhone 4’s. We checked at Best Buy and they did not have any in stock… not a good sign. We then went over to the Apple Store at Mayfair mall and same story… John put his name on their waiting list – the Apple Store guy said it would take 2 or 3 weeks for phones to come in for us… The new phones are “a want” more then “a need”, so it is no big deal… but still sucks being all ready to upgrade and then being let down by reality of limited inventory….. 🙁 It might be a good thing to wait a few weeks to see how Apple’s antenna issues shake out. I’m not too concerned – put the phone in a case and there’s no issue… and the “phone” capability of the iPhone is a feature that I really don’t use very often. We will probably also sign up for their 2 gig a month data plan so we can tether our laptops to phones for occasional remote internet access…

Last week we had a bit of a scare with our Norcold refrigerator. I came home on Thursday evening, opened the fridge door and noticed that it did not feel very cold and smelled a bit musty. I checked the little digital thermometer and it was it was 54 ° inside – not a good sign – should be in the mid 30’s. Then opened the freezer compartment and it seemed fine. I called John and he had me go outside and turn on the fans John installed in the back of the fridge that blows on the back of the cooling unit. I checked the temp again in an hour and it did not help much. John came home and then did a quick check of everything. The heating element was warm and everything appeared to be working ok…. his main concern centered around the freezer needing to being defrosted. He did a quick defrost using a small portable space heater and then turned the fridge off for 15 minutes – letting is settle down. Then he turned it back on and in an hour it was working properly… temps back into 30’s. John believes that turning off the fridge for 15 minutes probably helped it just as much as defrosting it did… glad it is working well now – since replacing it would cost us around $2,000 to $3,000.00…. We did not loose too much food. Most fit in the freezer and was put back in fridge before it froze….

Sometime this summer I want to go to the Bristol Renaissance Faire for an afternoon. I want to walk around gnawing on a turkey leg, swatting at flies and watch medieval dudes sword fight. John is not as thrilled about going as I am…. Perhaps I will just go by myself while he is working some weekend…. Here’s a promotional video:

Not much else going on…. John came home very hungry and in a bad mood…. He’s watching TV and giving me the “don’t fuck with me tonight” look when I talk to him…. I should sneak up behind him and quickly put my wet tongue in his left ear… I’m sure he would like that… good thing that I can still run further and faster… 🙂

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