It’s really warm in St. Louis this weekend – in the upper 90’s with a hot breeze. The RV’s air conditioner is not really keeping up during the day – the interior temp is in the lower 80’s… it will cool off once the sun goes down. Inside it does not feel that uncomfortable because the AC keeps the air circulating well.. Prince does not seem to mind the heat – he lays on the dashboard in the sunlight and sleeps…

I spent a good portion of the weekend putting stuff for sale on ebay. I managed to get everything posted today…. so now I just wait, answer questions from bidders and wait for the fun to happen when the auctions end. Having lots of auctions end in a short period of time is a bit hectic because everyone wants their items shipped out asap… and I want to make sure they pay me the proper amount of money for shipping and etc. What does not sell will be donated to GoodWill or end up in the dumpster. John’s mandated that we must “lighten our load”…. Larry the Cable Guys says “Get’er Done!”, and now “John the RV Guy” says “Lighten your Load!!” – which is a good motto for full time RV’ers….. Besides the stuff that’s on ebay, we tossed old magazines, junk mail and worthless crap that has not seen the light of day in over a year… Now I will have room for new stuff… I’ve heard the garage sales in Silicon Valley are most choice 🙂 Actually John says that I can use the proceeds from the ebay auctions to purchase a GPS system for the Subaru. It will be handy to have once we are in California….

Yesterday, John meet Perry at Crusoe’s for breakfast (I slept in) and then headed out to Rich A’s home and helped him replace and repack the wheel bearings on his Crossroads 5th wheel. It was nice having John out of the RV while starting to get the ebay stuff going…. I was able to create a system… take an item from the pile on the couch, photograph it on the bed, transfer pics to computer, put add on ebay and then place item in pile B. Doing ebay is actually a bit of work… lots of little picky details…. now I hope that I make enough money to cover the listing fees… which seem keep going up….

Today we meet Perry and Rich A. at Crusoe’s for breakfast. I had my usual – chicken and red pepper omlette with hash browns and biscuit. Then we meet Perry for supper at Joanie’s for their Meat Lovers Pizza. I like the crust on their pizza… not too soft, not too crispy… just right… kinda hand tossed…..

I’m still working on getting the new MacBook Pro configured for use as our main computer system. The main hold back right now is the Sprint Internet card. Once we get a new USB Internet Card it will be all set. We will probably drop Sprint for Internet and go with Verizon since our phones are with Verizon. Verizon has redone the pricing plan for their Internet cards. Once you go over a certain amount of usage, they just charge you more per meg…. plus Verizon has a nice website that tell you how much bandwith you’ve used so far each month… Perhaps we will be able to get DSL once we get settled in California…

We are all setup to have the Subaru shipped to California. We went with a company that is doing the job for under $800.00. I think it is money well spent. The car is being picked up sometime within 5 days after we leave St. Louis and will be delivered sometime within two weeks later. I don’t like not knowing exactly when it is being picked up and delivered, but I’m sure it will work out… It will be very nice to be able to ride along with John and Prince… I’ve already started to plan on which music, books on tape, podcasts to play over the radio while we drive… I think John would like to listen to the last two years of Brini Maxwell’s podcast in a single sitting…. Actually I like to listen to old time radio shows… so I might download a bunch to the iPod… my favorite is the old radio version of Dragnet. Perhaps John will run the generator while we go down the road so I can listen to my favorite 8-Tracks while driving through Oklahoma….

Not much else going on… I’m going to play some Railroad Tycoon 3, read a book for a while and then go to bed a bit early….

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