Hello all, John here.

We woke up today to a brief thunderstorm, which cooled things off a tad. It was in the low 90’s today, which was a nice change. It rained on and off most of the morning, but then became sunny.

After Derek ran off to work, I decided to run down to the NAPA store that is not far from here. When I stopped in a week or so ago to match the belt on the generator they had a sign up that they were looking for drivers and sales people. I figured I’d try to fill out an app, and see what happens. I did, and handed it to the Assistant, who was quite busy, so I just shook his hand and grabbed his card. He said to give him a call in a couple days… I will.

Derek needed a new pair of pants, so I figured I’d run to Wal-Mart and pick them up. When I got back I checked mail and saw the key blanks I ordered for the Jeep arrived…

The Jeep has a anti-theft system called ‘Sentry Key’ which has so far been quite annoying. Basically the system uses an RFID tag in the key to make sure it is a ‘Valid’ key for that vehicle. The crappy part is getting these keys from the dealer is quite expensive, so I figured I would order the blanks on ebay, which I did for a fraction of the price, along with 2 dummy keys I will use for a spare door key for my wallet, and a “towing” key, so I don’t have to leave a valid key in the ignition for towing. Well, getting the keys cut became quite the adventure, with me visiting 5 different hardware stores… Finally the last place said go to “Joe’s Key’s” on Beltline. Ok, so I tromped down to Dallas, and found the place, which looked like it was once a Photo Shop Booth in a parking lot in a past life… I walked in and said hello to the man behind the counter, and asked him if he was Joe. Well, he wasn’t amused, since he wasn’t Joe, he was Darren. Ugh. So i asked him to cut the keys, and for the 6th time got the lecture that they won’t work. I explained that two are for dummies, and the other two I should be able to program from the vehicle myself. He then stated he could program them, I asked how much, he replied that he normally got $49.95 each when he supplied the blank. I told him I wasn’t interested in paying that much and I’d take my luck programing them myself since I had two valid keys. He gave me a smart ass “Ok”. Well, he cut the keys and charged me $4.00 each, which I thought was crazy high since I supplied the blanks and he spent all of 5 mins with me… Whatever. I checked them all before I left, and came home.


Glad that mess is not next to our site... yuck!

Upon returning home I saw the maintenance guys were still working on the water problem. They fixed it temporarily Friday, but never buried it, I assumed because they either didn’t have the parts or didn’t want to work any later of Friday… Whatever. So the little backhoe they had must not have been good enough for them, they went out and rented a big one today. I took another picture for your amusement… I can say this is the first place I have been where they just didn’t make the help dig the hole, it wasn’t that deep, and I have certainly had to dig deeper in other places… Stopping by and observing thier plumbing skills pretty much confirmed they don’t know what they were doing… Oh well, not my problem! If the water is off much longer I’ll just go bitch at the manager! 😛

So after dinner, I went out to try to program the keys. Apparently the Darren the Key Master knew something I didn’t. The Jeep doesn’t seem to want to go into “Customer Learn Mode” or whatever they call it. This little red LED is supposed to flash when you follow a sequence of turning one key on, and inserting another key and turning it on, then removing it and putting in a non-programed key. Well, the LED won’t go into ‘Flash Mode’, so I dug some more, and only could figure out that the Jeep is only allowed to program 8 keys, after that it isn’t able to make anymore. I am assuming this is the problem, and I will have to find a dealer or locksmith to program my new keys. I won’t be going back to the key master, mostly because of his smug attitude… The sad part is if he would have shot out a fair price and smiled I would have just had him program them right then…

So that was my exciting day. I have the appointment tomorrow to get the Bumper and Winch installed, which will probably take all day. Anyhow, I have written enough. Have a good evening.


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