John installed the antenna switch for the ham radio today. We are now able to switch between the Yaesu antenna that is mounted on the motor home and the dipole antenna we have strung from the motor home to a tree. John was able to make a contact with a station in southern Michigan and they will be exchanging QSL cards. We don’t actually have QSL cards so John ordered some for us online today. QSL cards are postcards that are exchanged as a way to prove that radio communication was established between ham radio operators.


Our "Ham Shack"

Here is a picture of our “ham shack” which is the drivers side captain chair in the motor home.

I sent the last two eBay packages out today. So now I’m finally done with that batch of auctions, but now I have one new auction. I went to a thrift shop that is close to the motor home and found some 8-tracks that are for use with the 2-XL Robot. The 2-XL was a toy that would ask you questions and you answered them by pressing a button. The buttons actually changed the track on the 8-track, so it would give you different feedback, depending on how correct you are. These tapes are somewhat collectible, so I hope to at least make my money back. You can check out the auction here: 2-xl tapes auction


2XL Robot Toy

I also picked up some 8-tracks to listen to – Sonny & Cher, J-Giles band, Arthur Fiddler and a compilation tape that has Gladys Knight singing, “Midnight Train to Georgia” – one of my favorites. The temperature is a bit cooler today, in the lower 80’s, so I was able to sit outside for an hour, listen to some 8-tracks, drink beer and read some ham radio magazines.

Now I’m making us a quick supper of “Tuna Helper”. I don’t make the helper of tuna very often, probably at least 10 years ago… John does not like tuna very much, so I’m not sure if he will even eat it…..

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