Greetings from a bright sunny evening in Wisconsin!

Today the weather has been a bit humid, but overall quite nice… I believe this is the calm before the storm – the next two days are forecast to be stormy. The city of Milwaukee is planning ahead by renting 20 pumps in an attempt to pump storm water into rivers from storm drains. This is being done in an attempt to not overwhelm the sewer system and cause them to dump raw sewage into Lake Michigan. Not a nice thought…..

American Idol is in town doing auditions. This is the second city we have been in while auditons were going on – the last one was in Arlington, TX last summer…. John said he was at work today, but I suspect that he called in sick and then auditioned… I’m on to him 😉

Yesterday the “iPhone 4 fairy” smiled down on us…. John received an email from the Apple store saying that a phone is in stock and ready for us to pickup. John called the store right away to confirm that they have two phones for us… they only had one, but John used his powers of persuasion and convinced them to hold two phones for us… after he waited on hold for 10 minutes.. We were both a bit dubious that they would actually do so… thinking they just told him that to get him off the phone….

John got off of work around 7:00pm and we then hopped in his Jeep and went directly to the Apple store at Mayfair Mall. We were greeted by a 6’3″ Apple dude in his early 20’s named “John”. “John” looked up our reservation, found it and told us to wait for a few minutes while they bring the phones out. John explained that we should have two phone waiting per her earlier phone conversation. We then waited around the store for 5 minutes, then “John” came back to confirm that we wanted two iPhone’s. We did… so he told us they would be out in a few more minutes. True to his word – he came back with two iPhone 4’s for us…

We then started to get the phone activated and our AT&T accounts adjusted. They have a slick system for doing so – they use their special iPod Touches with the credit card readers to do most of the process. Click these three Accept buttons, sign here with your finger, then sign here… The first phone took about 10 minutes to get going. We ran into a bit of a snag activating the second phone (my phone). “John’s” special iPod Touch told him that it was not eligible for the lower subsidized price like the first phone. We questioned this because we purchased both phones at the same time. “John” offered to walk down to the AT&T kiosk in the mall to check with the AT&T people with us. We took him up on the offer. The AT&T guy explained that they only do the early upgrade offer on the first phone in each family plan.. the second phone is not eligible for special price until 2/2011… So we ended up paying more for the second phone…. “John” did a nice job helping us out and we thanked him after everything was done. He went out of his way going down to the AT&T kiosk to help us get answers – something he did not need to do…

We then make it home around 9:30pm (after a quick supper in the food court) and started the process to sync our new phones with iTunes. This process took at least 90 minutes to complete – so I just left it and went to bed. Woke up this morning and everything was copied over and working properly…. It is amazing how simple the process was to get all the music, videos, contacts, photos, ebooks and all of my settings over on the new phone… It went without a glitch….

The new phone is nice.. the screen is very clear, it runs faster – switching between apps is snappy, and takes less time to load them. We have tested out the FaceTime video conferencing and it works well. Right now John is on a FaceTime chat with Rich A. in St. Louis. The video is very clear and not choppy at all – pretty cool. I still need to purchase the iMovie app so I can record and edit movies right on my phone… This weekend I will record and post an edited video….

The purchase of the new iPhones was not cheap and it feels a bit extravagant/excessive. I can rationalize it a bit because I constantly use my iPhone for music, surfing the web, recording diet information, navigation, playing games and messaging with John… The new phone is nice, but does not have as much of the “Wow!” factor that our first iPhone 3gs’s had… we are used to them and very spoiled… 😉

Not much else going on… We have a PeaPod grocery order arriving sometime between 8pm and 10pm tonight… Good thing because we are almost out of groceries… John had the last frozen Kashi dinner for supper.. Work has been pleasantly busy – it helps to keep my work days going by quickly. Today I officially started to work on the 2nd major project… a nice milestone…

Not sure what we are doing this weekend… will depend on John’s work schedule and he says that it will be a busy next few days for him…… So I will have to figure out something….

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