Well poor Tammy Faye Messner passed away over the weekend. The cancer she has been fighting for the last 11 years finally did her in. Here is a tribute video about her life that was posted on You Tube:

The video shows Tammy during some happy times in her life. My favorite Tammy Faye quote is “I take Him shopping with me. I say, ‘OK, Jesus, help me find a bargain.’ ” Good-bye Tammy!!

Tammy Faye 1942 - 2007

Yesterday was a busy day for us. We are having some cooler weather and it is actually nice to be outside so John decided that we should rent a steam cleaner and clean the carpeting in the motor home and our vehicles. The most difficult part of cleaning the carpet in the motor home is getting chairs and misc out of the way so you can clean. We moved the chairs and etc onto the tile floor and then John did the cleaning. While he was cleaning inside the motor home, I cleaned and dusted inside his Ford truck and my Subaru. It took about two hours to get everything done. John was glad to be finished with everything.

I had a typical day at work – nothing too exciting. I walked around the mall during my lunch hour. There is a new Steve & Barrry’s University Sportswear store opening up soon in the space previously occupied by a JC Penny’s. I’ve not been to a Steve & Barry’s store before, so I’m looking forward to it’s opening so I can check it out and buy John something hot to wear 🙂 I think it is similar to a Old Navy store….

This weekend we are probably going to take the motor home up to Asheville, NC for a hamfest and touring the Biltmore Estate. We were going to drive up in my car and get a cheap hotel room, but I’m finding out that there is no such thing as a “cheap hotel room” in the greater Asheville area. A room at a two star Day’s Inn is going for around $120.00 a night – and that is one of the cheapest options. It seems like Asheville is a big tourist destination and the hotel rates reflect that. It is cheaper for us to drive the motor home up and camp for free at the hamfest – plus we get to sleep in our own bed 🙂 The hamfest is only on Saturday, so I need to contact the fairgrounds it is located at to see if we can also stay on Saturday evening so we can check out Biltmore on Sunday.

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