I received some good news today – we have a new nephew! Melinda gave birth to a 8 lbs 8 oz baby boy yesterday – his name is Scout Forrest Etnyre.


Scout Forrest Etnyre

Very cute!

So a big congratulations to Father Deven, Mother Melinda and Big Brother Jet!

I had a long day at work….. I’m still working on fixing problems in various applications…. it was one of those days where the more I accomplished, the more the end users expected…. So today I didn’t feel too guilty about having this consulting job end next week…. I’m sure tomorrow will be better….. It was also “Bring Your Child to Work Day” – so there was lots of kids roaming the hallways and etc. For lunch I went to Novaks and had their lunch special – Mushroom Ravioli with a spinach salad…. and of course, it was yummy! I like how they put warm sauteed mushrooms in their spinach salad.. On the way home from work I stopped at the “urban” Schnuck’s grocery store on the way home. Most Schnuck’s grocery stores are nice, clean and well organized… except the one close to where I work…. it is located on the intersection of the ghetto, Saint Louis University and some nice downtown neighborhoods…. for some reason this store is run down, dirty, disorganized and has narrow isles…. I managed to get something for supper, some soda for John and something for him to eat for lunch tomorrow…

John had a busy day – he went to our bank (Bank of America) and opened up a Certificate of Deposit… this is something we needed to do, but kept putting it off…. Then he went to a Verizon store and signed up for a Verizon EVDO Internet card. He went with the USB version so it will work with the new MacBook Pro. Verizon now supports the Mac OS X operating system – so John was able to get it up and working before I came home. He then called Sprint and had our Sprint EVDO card canceled at the end of this billing cycle – so we get to use it for a few more weeks…. so I plan on downloading as much as possible with it…. they are going to turn us off anyway… so might as well get caught up with Canadian Idol….

My ebay auctions are doing well… if they were to end right now, I would have over $430.00 from them…. that would get me around 573 boxes of Kraft Mac and Cheese… 😉

John has “gate duty” tonight… he has to stay up late and watch the front gate at the RV park to make sure no undesirables enter the park and that the gate gets closed at 11:00pm…. He does not need to do this very often – he is just filling in for another work camper… I plan on watching Shear Genius and Project Runway tonight on Bravo – my two favorite shows on TV……

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