Greetings from a cooler Carrollton, TX…

Weather has been pretty decent the last few day – temps in the low 90’s with some rain and overcast skies. It has been a nice break from the 100° heat… Tonight we are getting on and off sprinkles – enough to leave spots on the cars….


Where I spend 8 hours a day...

My work week has been uneventful. I’m still doing everything except actually programming anything. I’m still in between several large projects and have been spending most of my time creating documentation, helping others and etc… Here is a picture of my cube – John says it looks boring:

As far as cubes go, this one is run of the mill, but at least I have a cube and I’m not sharing it with anyone… better then some places. Seems like no matter where I work, once you sit down in a cube in front of a computer it does not really matter – the experience is the same….


All connected and nowhere to go...

John spent the day running around town shopping for various connectors, wires and etc for the Jeep. Walmart for this, Home Depot for that and so forth… He got the electronics in place so the brake buddy works in the Jeep. He then connected the Jeep to the motor home to check everything out. Here’s a picture he took:


All connected...

Not much else going on – we have been watching Torchwood: Children of Earth miniseries on BBC America. The British seem good at coming up with some weird, thought provoking science fiction – and this is no exception. The short version of the plot is that Aliens come to the UK and ask for 10% of the children of Earth. The UK officials then need to come up with a way to determine which children will be selected… will not ruin more of the series…. Tomorrow is the final episode.. should be an interesting ending…

I’m off to check out Facebook and fall asleep…..s

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