Greetings from a warm, humid, probably going to rain evening in West Allis, WI

As predicted, we had very nasty come through last evening around 6:00pm. The Milwaukee area received 7 to 11 inches of rain in less then an hour. We were planning on meeting up with Todd and Roger to see a special free preview screening of the movie “The Kids are All Right“. John made it home by 6:00pm and ate a quick supper that I had ready for him. It had really started to pour outside and I suggested that we just stay home. John said that we should just go since he got time off of work and etc… So we braved the storm and proceeded to drive to the east side of Milwaukee – about 4 miles away.


Storm clouds coming into the RV park

The drive to the Downer Theater was an adventure because of all the flooding that was occurring all around us. We drove through some streets that had around a foot of water on them. I think John was having a bit too much fun plowing into the rushing water with his Jeep… Here’s a short movie I took with the iPhone 4:

We made it to the theater by 7:00pm – just in time to meet up with Todd and get seated. During the movie we could occasionally hear thunder and lightening outside… The movie was cute – it was about a lesbian family who had two children conceived by artificial insemination. The children are now 15 and 18 and the looked up their birth father. The birth father becomes involved with the family with some interesting consequences. I enjoyed it and recommend it…. If you are in the Milwaukee area it will be playing at the Oriental Theater.

After the movie, it was still raining, but not as hard. We then said our good-byes and proceeded to drive back to the RV park. The traffic around downtown was a real mess because many streets were blocked off and many cars were flooded out and just sitting in the road. It took us almost an hour to get back…

This morning I noticed that our door mat had been washed away again by the rain water. I put it back in place before leaving for work.


Our door mat where I found it this morning....

Work continues to be going well. Some of the major projects I’m working on are getting towards the end of the testing cycle and will be moving into production in the next few weeks. I received a new project to work on today – redoing a web interface to a document library. It had a web interface, but it was quite outdated and clunky to use… so updating it with a nice table-less css design.

John has tomorrow (Saturday) off of work – a small miracle. That means that I will have to find something to do, since he’s not good at entertaining himself. Have a feeling the weather will not be good enough to do the Reconnaissance Fair – but thinking about going to the Harley Davidson museum. They have an exhibit on Evil Knievel that sounds interesting…

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