Today some of my coworkers were discussing how there have been two incidents with weapons being fired with in a few miles from where we work. That gives me the warm fuzziest about being here – Not!

Shooting #1 at Club 3000
Shooting #2 at Stiletto’s Strip Club

For lunch we went to Very’s Great Philly Food which is in the same strip mall as Club 3000. Very’s is an odd resteraunt – it features decent italian food along with Philly Cheese Steak Sandwiches. They have decent service so quite a few people from where I work go there.

We are still enjoying nice weather – it is in the lower 90’s with a bit of a breeze and lower humidity. I went on my nightly walk and enjoyed the temperate climate and various hottie joggers who pass me.

John received an email from Tom Murray today. Tom is the gentleman who is working on a documentary on Gay campers and interviewed us in Tampa, FL. He will be going through Columbia tomorrow and would like to meet up with us for supper. It will be nice to see Tom again and catch up on how he is doing.

I’m still watching Canadian Idol. The last week I watched was when they went from 14 to 10 performers. Now they only have two shows a week so downloading should be a bit easier. I have also discovered that my version of the BitTorrent software installed on the Mac was outdated. I downloaded and installed the latest version and it appears to be working better. I have approximately 45 minutes to go before last weeks show is done downloading and ready to watch.

I’m still bummed out about Tammy Faye’s passing… I’m trying to find a copy of her song “”If Life Hands You a Lemon, Make Lemonade”……..

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