It was rainy and overcast today…. I had a boring day at work… John’s in a foul mood…. Prince won’t let me pet him… and the first round of my ebay auctions are ending….

In the morning I need to make sure to load all the items that need to be shipped out so I can run to the UPS Store and Post Office during my lunch hour…. So far my auctions are up to over $550.00… more then I figured everything would bring. John will be happy to have the stuff gone…. I’m not too worried about not having most of the stuff…. there’s three Fry’s Electronics stores in the Pleasanton, CA area. I’ve never been to a Fry’s before, so I’m looking forward to checking one out once we get settled.. I wonder what theme the Fry’s store the closest to us will have…. I’m hoping for the 50’s sci/fi one….

I’ve started to get music and podcasts ready for the trip. Right now I have 20 hours worth of show tunes downloaded for us to sing along to along with 20 hours of old Dragnet radio shows.

Tonight I finally got MobileMe configured on both of the Mac computers and my iPod Touch. This will help keep email, contacts, photos and etc updated on the three devices…. maybe… eventually… Apple has been having lots of problems with this new service, so I don’t have much confidence in it….

I’m also working on getting the Windows XP that is setup in Parallels updated with Service Pack 2 about a bunch of other updates…. then I want to setup a Lotus Notes and SharePoint development environments…

Not much else going on… I’m going to pester John and see if Prince will let me pet him…

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