Greetings from another humid, probably going to rain, evening in Wisconsin…

John was up and going today by 6:30am… Not sure why he did not sleep in on the only day this week he had an opportunity to is beyond me…. I slept in until 8:30am… then felt guilty and got up… We decided the plan for the day would be to get some breakfast, stop by John’s work to make sure everything is ok, and then head over to the new Harley Davidson museum…

We did breakfast at Pegasus.. our usual weekend place… It’s close, the food is tasty and we get really good service… so nothing to complain about… After breakfast the stop at John’s work place took us 30 minutes. Not much was going on, but John wanted to make sure the dispatchers were doing ok and etc… They were….

Then we headed over the Harley Davidson museum a few miles away on Canal street. This is a newer museum that opened in 2008. The museum is housed in several modern building that have a cool vintage, yet modern vibe to them:


Museum Complex


One of the early bikes - I like the white tires and grey color scheme...

Admission was $16.00 each and then an additional $4.00 for audio tours. The exhibits were well laid out showcasing the history of Harley Davidson and many unique, one-of-a-kind motorcycles. In one case they had the very first motorcycle that was made in a 10 foot x 15 foot shed in the back yard of a friend. The exhibits then went through time showing examples of important motorcycles in their history. Here’s some pictures of my favorites:


Low rider from 1939... Would be cool to have one of these to tool around West Allis in..


A Topper scooter built by H.D. for a few years to complete with European scooters being imported into the US in the 1960's.


A H.D. "Scat" off road bike... Like the black color scheme with just a splash of white on the tank and hand grips.....


Trying out a Harley.... they had several setup that you could hop on....


Checking out another cycle....

The museum had a special exhibit on the motorcycle daredevil Evil Knievel in a separate building. It features many items from his career – from motorcycles, fliers, leather outfits, and items that he enforced. They had several videos of his various jumps… some of them he made no problem, but a few he wiped out and had to be scraped up and put in an ambulance. They had a skeleton on display with colored stripes on it that showed where Evil’s bones had been fractures through the years. Pretty much everything had been broken at one time or another…. Here’s some pics I took:


Custom build motor home that Evil used when he was on the road. Said it was decked out with paneling and shag carpeting....


The toy version of his RV


I remember having a toy like this as a kid. Remember the toy not working very well... was difficult to keep Evil on the bike while doing the crank to get it up to speed....


This made me giggle... Evil Knievel "Deep Muscle Rub

After checking out exhibits for three hours, John wanted to grab a bit to eat… so we checked out the on-site restaurants – Motor and Cafe Racer. We decided to go with the more upscale Motor and were not disappointed. I had a steak salad that was delicious. The meat was marinated and very tender and went well with the lightly dressed chop salad. We had great service and would dine there again….


My steak salad... yummy!

After lunch, we headed back to the motor home for an hour or so and then drove down to Hales Corners to pick up our mail. Did not receive anything too exciting, but did receive a notice from the State of Wiscosin that we still owe the $107.00 in sales tax from when we purchased the Jeep in Texas… I’m sure the incompetent dealership messed this up, but probably not worth the time and effort to contact them and try to get it straightened out… They were a big pain to deal with in Texas and now we’re in Wisconsin……

Not much else going on… we are spending a quiet evening at home… John just got done giving Prince a bath and now he’s all fluffy and soft.. but still sheading like crazy. We’ve brushed him out several times today, but keep getting lots of hair each time…. Tomorrow John need to be at work by 5:30am… he will probably regret not sleeping in today 😉 He will then be working most of the day… I plan on getting laundry done for the week, cleaning house a bit and then work on an iPhone project that I started a few weeks back. The iPhone programming is not exactly easy for me, but I keep working on it…. I’m sure it will come with time….

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