Greetings from an overcast day in Portland…

We woke up this morning to a small thunderstorm – one of the first thunderstorms I can remember here….  By the time John dropped me off at work, the rain was over.

So – you may have noticed that we checked in on Facebook and Google+ from the airport in Dallas, TX and then in Des Moines, IA.  You may be wondering what is going on?

We have decided to purchase a place to live in Des Moines, IA.  This will be considered our “home base”.  We’ve enjoyed living full time in our RV, but we feel it is time to move on.  My work situation does not require that we continue to be mobile, John can continue his school work anywhere and it is difficult for John to study and I to program while we are on top of each other.  Working for a financial institution has some perks that will help with loan costs.

We decided to look at small apartment buildings where we would live in one unit and rent the others out.  Idea is to have a fully rented property pay for itself, or almost.  So we arranged a realtor to take us around to several properties on Friday we thought had potential.

Looking at apartment buildings is an adventure, to say the least.  We traipsed through many apartments – some newer, some older, some occupied, some empty, some had renters at home.  We saw some apartments that were really nice and some that were vile.  By the end of the day we kept thinking back to one of the buildings we saw in West Des Moines.  It meet all of our qualifications – had nice place to park RV and was in our price range.  So we put in a offer.  After some back and forth negotiations that evening our offer was accepted.  Think we got a good deal…

Now the underwriting process at the bank is starting.  We should know for sure if everything is OK in the next week, or so.  We were pre qualified for certain amount that we did not exceed, so not expecting any “bumps in the road”, but you never know.  Will give more details once the closing process continues to a point that we know all is good.

Was nice to spend time in Des Moines, except for the heat.  On Friday it got into the mid-90’s with lots of humidity.  The worst was checking out an old three story house in Ames, IA.  Walking up the stairs to see the upper apartments was brutal.  Was not worth it…. it needed way to much work…..

So does this mean that we will not live in our MoHo anymore?  Nope – we will spend winter in Iowa this year, but we can take off for extended trips and perhaps head south next winter.  We initially want to spend time at new place and getting the hang of being landlords.  Current plan is to start living in Iowa in October, but that could change…

Our flights were fine, but the four hour flight from Portland to Dallas was not much fun.  On the way home, we had 9:45pm flight leaving from Dallas and I was stuck in the middle seat.  Had people sleeping on both sides of me trying to crowd me over.  Was not much fun….. but made it through..

Yesterday (Sunday) we spent the day recuperating from our trip, John catching up on school work and I went to working in the garden at work for a bit.  Spent an hour watering plants and pulling weeds.  Watering is easy because of a network of soaker hoses setup.


The plants are really growing fast.  Most of the tomato plants are starting to bear fruit:


Not much else going on…. not feeling very good – so going to lay down for a bit… Have felt crappy all day… but managed to make it through work.

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